Advices on How to Maintain Carpets

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Advices on How to Maintain Carpets

Carpet cleaning is a necessity in every household that have carpets. No matter if you have a big house with large expensive carpets and rugs or a small apartment with ordinary wall-to-wall carpets, you need to clean them at least once a week. Unfortunately, this is not enough to keep the colours good looking for long. You need to stick up to some required guidelines if you want to keep your carpet good looking and lasting long. Here are some advices on how to maintain carpets at home.

Never fold carpets and rugs if you need to remove them as this may damage the structure. Better roll them and keep them in the closet away from direct sunlight. This will prevent the colours to fade and the structure to be damaged.

Never place a carpet on wet or damp floor. This will ruin it. The dampness will be absorbed by the carpet’s fibres which will cause the fibres to go rotten.

Professional carpet cleaners Hammersmith advice you to wipe the carpet with a cloth damped in water and vinegar solution. This will keep the colours of your carpet bright and good looking for longer.

Use the vacuum cleaner regularly. Vacuuming carpets will prolong their life with years as it removes all the dust and dirt directly from the carpets deep. This is also a recommended regular maintenance between the regular yearly professional deep cleaning. Also, keep in mind that no matter how quickly you want to get the vacuuming thing done, you should not vacuum so fast. Vacuum your carpets with normal speed and do not rush the job as it will not lead to anything good.

It is a necessity to remove the stains immediately. The longer they stay on the carpets surface the more stubborn they become, sometimes turning into permanent marks on your favourite floor covering.

Turn carpets every time you place them after a professional cleaning. This will prevent the quick wearing of high traffic areas.

Last, but not least, is the importance of regular professional carpet cleaning. It is very important to get your carpets to professional cleaners Hanwell at least once a year to have them deep cleaned thoroughly. This prevents dirt and grime to build up causing the carpet look bad and dull. Professional cleaning also provides a healthy carpet as these are the biggest dust and grime collectors in a house.

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