ADHD Scholarships – Stay Away From Scams

Posted on Mar 29 2012 at 09:05:48 AM in Education

ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a serious medical condition and the child suffering from this problem is unable to function in normal and productive manner. ADHD scholarships are designed to help those students who suffer from this disease and yet have the dedication to pursue higher education. In fact if you give this topic an internet search you will be surprised to have a large number of links that would lead you to sponsor and back up students diagnosed with ADHD. The intention of each sponsor is to support these students and help them gain assess to higher education like any normal student.


There are a large number of websites offering financial aid. Remember, not all of them are legitimate. Do not rush to apply for them as soon as you see them. You need to analyze their authenticity and find out whether the organizations and its promises are truthful or not and only then proceed with the application process. If you keep in mind few things you will be able to judge whether the website is offering you genuine scholarships or not. Stay away from the websites that offer guaranteed scholarships or they say that the information of that particular scholarship is available with them only.


If while applying for ADHD scholarships you need to give your credit card or personal banking details, avoid using the service of that website. One of the significant signs of scam is that they will tell you not to worry about application process. They will assure you that everything will be done for you on your behalf. Probably they will ask a fee for that. Remember, even if the fee is nominal; do not agree to pay them.


Apart from this, if you get an email or a phone call informing that your child is chosen for the scholarship, do not believe them or do as they say. If any of the above mentioned signs are visible, do not apply for the ADHD scholarships offered by those organizations. It is better to visit the website of the Department of Education and gather legitimate information.

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