Accessorize your living room

Posted on Mar 25 2012 at 03:40:25 AM in House & Garden

Accessorize your living room
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Living room - accessories 

Image -   Accessories are one of the simplest and effective methods of enhancing the look of your living room. Adorn your sofa or armchairs with a throw and cushions, creating an effective look when used as an accent colour.  This method of accessorizing allows you to indulge in controlled shots of bright colour, particularly if your unsure about using the same colour on larger areas such as your walls.  Here the grey hues provide a subtle, cosy, yet sophisticated look to the living room enhanced by the mixture of metal and glass materials.   Take a look at our interior design posts in our previous From The Top 7 - Interior Design Series for further ideas about accessorizing your home.



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