About “Let’s Just Be Friends” Line

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About “Let’s Just Be Friends” Line

Many people in a relationship hate the phrase “let’s just be friends”. Why? It typically signifies the end of a relationship. For the person saying it, it usually occurs after they have tried and tried to make a relationship work, only to get disappointing results. However, when you are the one it is being said to, you may feel crushed. Actually, you can turn this most detested line into something that could work for you. How can you do this?

Actually, there are 2 ways this line is used. First of all, it is used to tell you that the relationship is not working out and they don’t want a big scene during the breakup. However, these are just rare instances. Secondly, it’s used to say the relationship isn’t work but they still care for you and they just need my space so they can think things through. When you really think about it, which one would you rather it be?

The truth is that relationships don’t end because the other person doesn’t care for you anymore. Many times, it ends because they truly need some alone time to think about the direction the relationship is heading, how they feel about their lives and if they really don’t want you in it romantically. The “let’s just be friends” line assures them that you are still in their life.

It’s normal to be confused by all the emotions that are in a relationship. After all, relationships should be taken seriously. Sometimes, it’s just a trick of the mind that tells her she is better off without you romantically when her heart tells her something completely different. “Let’s just be friends,” means your ex still wants you around and all you have to do is remind your ex why you should still be together. For more tips, visit http://about-relationship.com

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