A Visit to Austria

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Austria is a one of the most popular European tourist destinations and offers a wide diversity of attractions to travelers. The stunning natural beauty of the Alps, the lovely Old World city, Vienna, and many other places of interest await the tourist looking for a real taste of central European geography, history and culture.

Vienna is one of Europe’s main cultural centres and has been for centuries. Its imperial heritage has left a lasting legacy expressed through its architecture and art.Once the stomping grounds of Beethoven, Mozart, Strauss and Schubert, Vienna is still a city filled with music and cultural life, and its many famed cafes still provide the kind of ambiance that might inspire a great opera or at least a love affair.

The western alpine region of Austria is one of the major centres for winter sports. The scenic Alps provide a backdrop for cities such as Innsbruck, where an international set of skiing and snowboarding fanatics lend to a cosmopolitan atmosphere and a youthful vibe.

Vienna tends to draw a summer tourist crowd and Innsbruck is teeming with visitors in the winter, but Austria is a fantastic holiday destination year round. The summer in the Alps is a lovely time, and events such as the New Orleans Festival Innsbruck keep tourists coming to Austria throughout the year.

There are many other cities, such as Salzburg, which have much to offer to the traveler and there are numerous winter resorts, mountain retreats, lakes and hiking areas. In every area and city are to be found numerous good hotels and other accommodations, such as the Hotel Innsbruck and the Hotel Austria Vienna. Book online in advance to secure substantial savings and to be sure that you have reservations in the area of your choice for the times you wish to visit.

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