A Thread about Going Natural

Posted on Jan 31 2013 at 12:36:47 PM in Diet & Nutrition

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Here is a link to the thread that was posted on Google Plus. This will hopefully be very useful to not only martial artists, but anyone looking to improve their health.

After the Doc said I need to reduce my cholesterol and blood pressure...

The idea is that instead of taking expensive drugs with bad side effects, the author instead went with alternatives, after doing some heavy studying. What he came up with was a very natural, organic diet that included raw foods. He also stopped all sugars and starch - which would include a lot of the processed foods that saturate our market today. Visit the thread for full details on what he did as well as his reasoning, and the results he got. I find it to be very useful for people getting into fitness and looking to improve their energy levels. I've personally been getting into natural / organic foods lately and moving away from processed foods, as well. Unfortunately, there seems to be a focus in America on medicating the symptoms rather than getting at the source of the problems beforehand - such as diet, exercise or lack thereof, postural problems, and so forth. And not to say that medication has no place - medical care is indeed necessary many times in keeping us healthy. Yet, we should also continue trying to study other ways of improving our health, including an integrated fitness lifestyle, balanced nutrition, and any therapeutic modalities that may help, such as chiropractic or even yoga.

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