A star is born and found

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A star is born and found

Melinda was just about to graduate and she was toying with the a few ideas as to what she would do once she was out of school. Some may suggest that she waited too long to make that decision but if you knew Melinda you will understand her hesitation. She had a few friends that went into acting and she thought that it might be fun to follow them in their quest. The problem that Melinda had was that she had no idea how to act and she was scared of making a fool of herself in front of large crowds. Although Melinda did not expect to be a professional like so many actors she has seen before, if she knew how to be an actor she might stand a better chance of becoming good at it. Once she got the experience she needed she would contact My Big Movie Break to help her get started.


Every so often I read in the paper or catch a promo on the television for a venue that invites casting for actors. Not being an actor myself, this never interested me, however I can just imagine how many people will answer that call. Some individuals (men and women alike) choose to jump start their acting career through modeling agencies. This can put them in the public light as it exposes their them and gives someone the opportunity to recognize their abilities in front of a camera. Whether you go to film or drama school to obtain your experience will matter little if you don't have the right connections to get you with the appropriate talent agency.


For those who don't already know, a casting call is when film companies try to match up individuals to play a particular part. If you have ever imagined what to expect from a casting call, just try to compare it to American idol auditions. If you are lucky enough to be signed up with a decent talent agent you will be ahead of the game. This could be the key to opening several doors in Hollywood, if only for the fact that they go the extra mile to promote you to the ones who are looking for you. Prospective actors are always looking for casting calls in their area, however if you are really serious about getting into the movie business and you have already spent your money on acting classes, then My Big Movie Break will be the smartest move you will make to get a spot on the big screen.

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