A race that can't be won

Posted on Jul 16 2012 at 10:19:52 PM in Business & Economy

A race that can

Yahoo has been on a downward slope for some time now and although it has tried everything under the sun, failure has been the end result. Not that it is a bad company, because it is not, but it has been unable to keep up with the competition. In what some might consider as a last ditch effort, Yahoo has secured the services of Marissa Mayer as the new Yahoo CEO. Considered as one of the better known females, especially since she was once an executive for its biggest competitor, this may be their best move yet.


Once considered as the front runner on the Internet, Yahoo has been struggling ever since Google came on line. They have changed an average of one CEO every year for five straight years, making that position a revolving door of sorts. Because of the lack of any stability at the top, any effort to improve its ratings continue to slump. Even when they had a CEO at the helm they never seemed to accomplish the desired effect. With this new face, it is hoped that both investors and employees alike will once more stand behind them in their efforts.


I don't consider myself as a perfectionist by any means, but when it comes to Internet operations I prefer to choose the one that makes my experience the easiest to handle. I was one of those who used yahoo faithfully when they first introduced themselves online, but I soon jumped ship to Google. I find that the ease of Google's search engine, not to mention the very powerful, Gmail service to be unmatched by any. It is clear that Google wants to rule the Internet and if they are supplying the service and convenience, why wouldn't their investors put their money there instead?

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