A Quick Five With Margaret Cho

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A Quick Five With Margaret Cho

Margaret Cho is on a roll. Season three of her popular Lifetime series "Drop Dead Diva" premiered in June and is going strong.   Last year she was a contestant on one of the hottest television shows in prime time, "Dancing With The Stars", and her musical comedy album “Cho Dependent” was nominated for a Grammy.  

July 16 she’ll bring some of those hilarious songs and her own personal brand of heartfelt, rock and roll spirited standup to the San Diego LGBT Pride Festival at Marston Point in Balboa Park, 8:15 p.m.   The “Cho Dependent Tour” continues in August making stops in the UK and Australia. If we’re lucky, she’ll release her next musical comedy album “Yellow” much sooner than later.  

A serious musician at heart, Cho took a quick five to chat with us about music.   

RRR: The “Cho Dependent” album is one of the funniest comedy albums I’ve ever heard. What can we expect to hear on the tentatively titled “Yellow”?   

MC: Thank you! The new album is all about race and ethnic identity - really melodic pop and very Beatles-esque which is why I am calling it “The Yellow Album”. I have recorded a few songs so far, one with my parents that is really beautiful. I am excited about it.   

RRR: In our last conversation you said singing and songwriting were natural evolutions of your creativity. Will there be a time when, as an artist, you evolve out of standup and acting altogether and focus solely on making music?  

MC: Oh no, I will always do standup comedy and acting and everything else. I love making music, but even that is part of my standup comedy since it's comedy songs, so it's all kind of the same thing.
RRR: How’s the guitar playing? Have you gone electric yet?
MC: I have electrics, but I don't play them often. I’m more of an acoustic lady. I have the same guitar as Justin Bieber!!  

RRR: What would a rock duet with you and Madonna, both singing and playing guitar, sound like?

MC: Ooh that would be exciting. I have always wanted to do a rocking version of “Enough Is Enough” so that would be a great duet for us. Madonna can really shred though. I’m more of a folk music style player.
RRR: Who are your favorite rock artists/bands that you'd like to play on stage with?
MC: I’d love to do something with Broken Social Scene, The New Pornographers, Tegan and Sara. I love the Canadians!       

Album cover painting by Shawn Barber, design by The Uprising

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