A Pretty Interesting Cornucopia of News Today

Posted on May 24 2012 at 05:55:54 AM in News & Media

A Pretty Interesting Cornucopia of News Today

There’s nothing like an early start browsing the online news. There is nothing better than a very convenient interface that has categories visibly laid out and smart tags that links to archived articles that serve as exceptionally helpful reference. I am very fond of a professionally laid out news page that utilizes the available space really well, and chooses eye-catching headlines. I’m a very visual person, and the photo choice is as important to me as the way the article itself is written.

So, what is up with the world today? I turn to fashion and shopping and learn that boho is in and that Katie Holmes is the recipient of the “Face of the Future” award from an Italian label—hardly relevant to my state of affairs. I have no stocks to watch, and the weather where I am is pretty much predictable, at least in the next few days. There is the global Hewlett Packard lay-off, the continuing crisis in Greece, and a Twitter access block in Pakistan after an allegedly blasphemous caricature. Archives of world events are mostly on terrorism and bombs, economic sanctions and ruin –still not very encouraging. It is not that news today of violence and recession puts me down. I really am just interested in science news.

There is this uber-interesting joint animal study by scientists from Washington State University and the University of Texas claiming that behavioral changes in later generations may just be due to the response to chemical exposure by their forefathers. A brain-scan that may predict weight gain may just be the penultimate tool in fighting obesity. Now, that one caught my eye as I am currently putting on extra effort to shed some weight.

It is quite amazing to find news like that that turns out to be useful and significant even if you are not looking for it. No, I am not going to subject myself to a brain scan tomorrow. It is just good to know that the fight against obesity is still a priority in this country. And that the news today is also about activities that people continue to engage in to enrich life.

Life on other planets and giant mammals gone extinct may be old news, but give the science page extra points for the bit on paper electronics—paper-thin television, that is. No, it’s not news of the release of this super high-tech innovation because the article is claiming that it is a possibility. I have just recommended it on Facebook, and sent as e-mail to a friend of mine who is not part of any social network. Yes, I know at least one individual on this hemisphere who refuses to create a Facebook account. Would that make news today, maybe in the Life and Style category?

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