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Posted on Jul 5 2011 at 07:15:05 PM in Employment & Work

If you are on a very tight budget and are having problems with your computer that are Windows based, read this article.  It could be the answer for you and it's FREE!

Some of you have been reading my posts and articles and know that I have a continuing problem with my computer.  I don't know if the problem is that I'm doing something wrong,  if my computer's just too old, or if it is the Windows operating system I use.  Anyway, I was told about an operating system that is supposed to be better and more stable than Windows.  After doing a bit of research, and seeing it in action on my son's netbook, I decided to try it.  It's called Ubuntu and is Unix/Linux based.

There are some drawbacks.  The most important one is that it is not compatible with ALL of your windows programs and files.  The translate programs are limited.  However, there are acceptable substitutes for most everything I use.  The advantages are many.  The first and foremost advantage is that it is absolutely free as are most of the programs.  This operating system and its programs are every bit as professionally done as anything Windows or Apple has on the market.  Another is that it is a lightweight operating system, so it made my computer run faster because it is not a memory hog like some of the other operating systems.  Also, the graphical interface is beautifully done and it comes with many background images and screensavers.

If you're thinking that this is just a Windows knock-off, it is not.  It has a nice graphic interface that is easy to use once you get used to it, but it's functions are uniquely it's own.  One big difference you'll notice is that in the latest version, you have four home screens that you can choose from.  This could be handy for categorizing your icons onto separate screens for business, home, etc., allowing for more organization and less distraction.

As I mentioned, the programs are very professional.  Firefox is it's native web browser, but there are others you can choose from according to your preference.  The Windows program I use the most is Microsoft Office Suite.  Ubuntu has an office suite of it's own called LibreOffice (previously titled OpenOffice) that has all the components of Office Suite, except the price.  It's free and is installed at the same time you install the operating system.  Within Ubuntu is a Software Center where you can explore and download many different categories of programs like games, office programs, accessories, and more.  Most of these are FREE!

Another advantage of this really neat operating system is that it will be compatible with my internet marketing business.  Unix/Linux is the base system for cPanel and WordPress, so  it should be easy transferring files.  I still have not had time to explore its capabilities fully, but it seems to have stabilized my system.  If you are interested in exploring this further, go to:  http://www.ubuntu.com .  There you will find not only the downloads, but also some very good information about the company and it's mission to bring this operating system to everyone free of charge.   I look forward to discovering just what it's strengths and weaknesses are and will write more when I am more knowledgeable about it.

Author, Lorraine Ballard, is an internet marketer working with the Six Figure Mentors.  She currently lives in the mountains of North Carolina, where she shares her small farm with a flock of hand raised chickens and a small herd of silly goats.


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