A Multi-Layered Approach to Burglary Prevention

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A Multi-Layered Approach to Burglary Prevention

A home security system is a great tool to have in order to keep your family safe. But what many people don't stop to consider is the fact that a security system alone can never give you 100% protection. Consider what a home alarm does for you:


  • it makes noise when an intruder enters
  • if monitored, the alarm company is able to notify authorities
  • window stickers or lawn placards may dissuade burglars from attempting to enter your home


In reading that list, did you notice what alarm system cannot do? They cannot stop a burglar intent on entering your home. That means proper burglary prevention requires more than just an alarm system. It requires a multi-layered approach that puts as many hindrances in the way of the burglar as possible.


The More the Better


Despite the sophistication of modern criminals one thing has not changed since the beginning of time: they want easy access so they can make quick work of their business. No burglar wants to fight through seven or eight layers of protection just to grab a flatscreen TV, especially if your neighbor has implemented no security measures of his own. The burglar will go to the easiest target he can find. That means a multi-layered approach is designed to make your difficult to enter.


The more layers you throw in the way of the burglar the safer your house will be. And remember, your home alarm system is your last line of defense. It's there to alert someone in the event that a burglar makes it past the rest of your layers.


Effective Layers


Now that we've established the need for a multi-layered approach, what are the types of things you can do to add layers to your security?


  • Shrubbery - Shrubbery is a great layer around first floor windows. Keep shrubbery trimmed so that windows are visibly seen from the street, but use species that will deter burglars at the same time. Thick and heavy shrubs like boxwood and flying dragon make it difficult to get close to windows. Thorny shrubs like roses and yucca can make entering your home through a window excruciatingly painful.


  • Double Pane Windows - When a burglar tries to enter through a closed and locked window he must break the glass. While a double pane window can indeed be broken, it's a bit more difficult than single pane glass. Also consider double pane glass for any exterior doors and block glass for basement windows.


  • Steel Doors with Deadbolts - It goes without saying that many people prefer wood doors for their inherent beauty. But wood doors are unsafe because they are easy to penetrate. Steel doors with deadbolts are far and away the most secure option for entryways.


We've given you just three possible layers of protection here; there are many more available. Talk to an expert in burglary prevention to find out how to make your house as secure as possible.

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