A Little Bit Of History On Calypso And Soca Music

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A Little Bit Of History On Calypso And Soca Music

Soca is said to have been invented in 1963 (see 1963 in music) by Ras Shorty I's "Clock and Dagger" from calypso music. Shorty added Indian instruments, including the dholak, tabla and dhantal.

A prolific musician, composer and innovator, Shorty experimented with fusing calypso and the East Indian rhythms of chutney music for nearly a decade before unleashing "the soul of calypso,"...soca music.

Shorty had been in Dominica during an Exile One performance of cadence-lypso, and collaborated with Dominica's 1969 Calypso King, Lord Tokyo and two calypso lyricists, Chris Seraphine and Pat Aaron in the early 1970s , who wrote him some creole lyrics.

Soon after Shorty released a song, "Ou Petit", with words like "Ou dee moin ou petit Shorty" (meaning "you told me you are small Shorty"), a combination of calypso, cadence and kwéyòl.

Soca reached its modern form by the early 1970s under the influence of American soul, disco and funk music, which reached Trinidadian artists when they began recording in New York City; by this time, most of the Indian-derived elements had been removed from the genre.

Shorty's 1974 Endless Vibrations and Soul of Calypso brought soca to its peak of international fame.

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