A list of Cork (Ireland) bands to check out

Posted on Dec 11 2012 at 08:46:46 AM in Artists

A list of Cork (Ireland) bands to check out

The alternative music scne of Ireland's most southern city is thriving at this very minute. Below are ten Cork bands that I recommend readers get their teeth into asap.


01. Seti The First: http://setithefirst.bandcamp.com

02. Trumpets of Jericho: http://trumpetsofjericho.bandcamp.com

03. Saint Yorda: http://saintyorda.bandcamp.com

04. The Altered Hours: http://thealteredhours.bandcamp.com

05. The Great Balloon Race: http://thegreatballoonrace.bandcamp.com

06. The David Nelligan Thing: http://davidnelligan.bandcamp.com

07.0John Blek & The Rats: http://knockanstockan.bandcamp.com/track/old-st-catherine

08. Hope Is Noise: http://hopeisnoise.bandcamp.com

09. Terriers: http://terriersireland.bandcamp.com

10. The Hard Ground: http://thehardground.com


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