a late autumn date in the hudson valley

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Dating in the Hudson Valley by MaryKate Burnell

With winter just around the corner, it's important to get outside and relish the sunshine during the last snow-free days of the year. The season for lazy days of sunbathing in the park may be past, but you and your loved one can still enjoy a magical day touring the late autumn Hudson Valley countryside together.



156 Highland Avenue / Marlboro, NY

Whether you and your sweetheart are conoisseurs or just casual fans, a wine tasting is a fabulous way to pass an autumn afternoon. Benmarl Winery in Marlboro is convenient to the city and boasts a spectacular view of the Hudson River and surrounding countryside. They are open daily for wine tastings from 12 to 6pm through December.



5720 Route 9G / Hudson, NY

The stunning Persian-style manor of artist Frederic Edwin Church has been preserved as a state historic site. The impeccably landscaped and picturesque grounds are open daily from 8am to sunset, and the house is open for tours Friday through Sunday. The decor and architecture found inside the house are as breathtaking as the Hudson River scenery.




52 Broadway / Tivoli, NY

To put a cap on your day, you can't do better than dinner at Santa Fe in sleepy Tivoli. Made with fresh, local ingredients and plenty of attention to detail, this is authentic Mexican to satisfy even the most particular of palates. The atmosphere is romantic and intimate, the service warm and gracious, and the portions generous. They also boast the area's most comprehensive collection of gourmet tequilas!


 So pick a sunny day, bundle up and get an early start. The Hudson Valley is a beautiful place all year round, and there's still plenty of time to get out and enjoy it!


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