A Guide on Basic Article Marketing Strategy

Posted on Feb 14 2012 at 02:44:54 PM in Entrepreneurship

Internet marketing has evolved a lot in the past few years. Articles and guides have sprawled over the internet to help an internet marketer rise to the top. A lot of them actually help but in the eyes of a newcomer, it is just a pile of unreadable text. They may say things like article marketing robot, viral marketing, and press release advice. However, what are they? You might ask yourself if you need to know that. Yes, you need it. However, as a newbie in this field, it is better to understand the fundamentals. You must know the basics of creating an effective article first.


To improve your article marketing strategy, you will need to know how to identify effective keywords. The most basic step on this is to avoid words that have a lot of competition. Getting a set of keywords that is too popular can give you difficulties on climbing to a higher page rank. Obviously, getting many competitors may split the numbers of potential readers of your article. It is much better to work on keywords that have an average popularity. The chance of dominating keywords that has an average popularity is high. Meaning, that all the users that will search for that keyword has a high chance to find your article and be your reader.


Since you have an idea now on how to identify the effective keywords, it is now time to make sure that it is the right one. To do that, you must get help from a keyword search tool. As of today, there a lot of keyword search tools that exist online. By using one, it will let you determine the competition of the keywords that you are targeting by numbers. Those tools will let you plan and accurately determine your target audience. Making it easier for you to harvest more visitors and monopolize them. It will also let you know the keywords that do not have too much competition but still is popular with searches. By doing this, your article can be at the top instantly, and will garner readers. In the end, it will stay at the top, giving you a longer time to earn profits from it.


One more way to improve your keywords is to refine it. Mixing your keywords with related words in it makes your article look good and informative. On the other hand, this will also prevent you from spamming your article with keywords, and may prevent search engines to consider your article as a search engine spam. For example, adding the word band to the keyword rock singer will greatly improve your article's relevancy.

By simply choosing and refining your keywords gets you closer to getting more profits. Nevertheless, it does not mean that you would focus on keywords alone. Always remember to create your article as unique as possible. This will help you in getting to the top of search engine results and it will satisfy your audience that will read it. After mastering the art of creating articles and using keywords, the next thing to do is to look at the articles that tackle on more advanced internet marketing strategies.

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