A good evening turned bad

Posted on Jul 20 2012 at 12:24:03 PM in Law

A good evening turned bad

It was supposed to be an evening to remember, the Batman movie (The Dark Knight Rises) was getting ready to run for the first time and as expected, the movie theater was full of anticipated viewers. This was a midnight showing in Colorado, similar to others around the state and what happened next filled the attendees with awe, concern and then total shock. A masked man, complete with bullet proof vest, gas canisters and guns came charging into the unexpected viewing audience, causing many to wonder whether this was all part of an elaborate effort to entertain them. It did not take long before they realized that what was unfolding before their eyes was a nightmare for many and the end for a few. After throwing two gas canisters into the audience, the gunman commenced firing and while people were scampering for their lives, he was still firing.


It is clear that incidents such as these are repeating themselves more often than we would like, and when innocent people end up dying because of some deranged individual, our society starts asking the usual questions, starting of course with the most important one, why? I have been to many movies in my lifetime and what happened at this showing should have been anticipated a long  time ago. What concerns me is the fact that some people will use this as a sounding board to put more gun control laws on the books. The ones who think that stronger gun control laws would have avoided this tragedy are only fooling themselves, because unless you turn back the hands of time to before guns were made, guns will always be there.

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