A Few Home Stuff Which You don’t Have to Ignore

Posted on Oct 18 2011 at 10:59:37 AM in House & Garden

Every time we talk about home cleaning we mention the most popular places such as kitchen, bathroom, closet, etc. and other stuff (oven, toilet, etc.) which we have to clean. And very often we forget for the small things which you don’t use every day. Just imagine that you have to sell your house....Nobody will want it if it is dirty. No matter that the main parts are clean. 

I’m pretty sure, that most of you prefer to be informed and I will share with you some of the things which it is good to clean periodically.


 - Refrigerator  coils. May be this is the  first time when you here about it but yes you have to take care of it. If you want to use your fridge longer it is good to dust the coils. Clean the bottom side of the refrigerator, too. And your fridge will be like new for a long time.  - Air filters. If you want free dust home change the air filter monthly. That way the AC won’t smell bad and it will work great. 

- Outdoor furniture. If you have wood furniture outside (on your porch or in the back yard), for sure they are damaged, because of the rain, temperature, etc. So, if you don’t want to spend more money. Clean the furniture, wait until they are completely dry and seal them. 

- Dryer vent. Home cleaning Sydney advice  to clean it otherwise the lint build up can cause very big damages.  

- Shower drains. You know how tough is every time when you have to take out the hair and scum from the drain but if you don’t want a pool in your bathroom you have to clean it very often. Of course, it is not necessary to do it handy. Apply the mix of baking soda and vinegar. It works great.

At the moment I can’t tell you more “stuff”, which you have to clean. But if you want a perfect home you can ask end of lease cleaning Sydney. They are professionals and can give you the best cleaning advice. Trust me you won’t make a mistake. Wish you good luck! 

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