A Dent To Perfectionism

Posted on Mar 16 2012 at 11:12:38 AM in Society & Culture

A Dent To Perfectionism

It’s my first day off in months and months, and what do I choose to do with it?  I am attempting to re-caulk my bathroom shower.

I know that I do not possess the strengths or skills that will help me on this task. 


I am not the handy type.


I’m a left-hander in a world where tools are made for right-handers.


I am impatient and persistent.


Yet — knowing all this — I am going to take my first day off in months to re-caulk my bathroom shower…


I go to the store to purchase the tools.  I purchase the scraper thing-a-ma-jig, which is, of course, set up for a right-hander.


I grab and buy one white tube of the “easy and quick” caulking paste.


I get home and read the instructions, with the help of a magnifying glass.  I scrape, sweep, clean, and Clorox the shower stall the night before, and so I have a clean and dry surface to work with…


I place a new sponge, an old hand towel, and an old toothbrush (just in case) by the shower, to remind me of my task in the morning.


I spend a sleepless night, wondering if I will stand victorious tomorrow... or fall in defeat.


At morning’s light, I start my adventure.  I find an almost-used-up tube of white caulking and begin with that.  Things start out fine, until the old tube starts sputtering caulking all over the place, like an old tube of toothpaste does.


So, I have to stop and clean that mess up…


Then, I grab the new tube of caulking, cut that one open, and start on a new spot.


To my dismay, almond-colored caulking comes pouring out of the white tube.  What the #$@$!!!


I look at the tube… then at the stuff that’s spewing out of it… then at the wall… then back at the tube… then at the letters on the tube that spelled A-L-M-O-N-D… then at the cap of the tube that’s the color of the crap that’s spewing out of the tube… then back at the wall.


I take a couple of deep breaths… look at my hands, now colored in almond caulking… look back at the shower wall… and decide that the almond caulking doesn’t look too bad mixed in with the white already sprayed all over the place.


So, I continue on my mission and get to the smaller tiles.  I try to cover only the groves, but miss miserable, and every time I try to wipe away my errors, I also wipe away the new caulking in the process, which causes me to re-caulk, and re-wipe and re-caulk and re-wipe the same space over and over again.


I decide to stop this cycle of mine and let what caulking managed to move in between the tiles (and on the tiles) stay where it lay.  Maybe, after it all dries, I could scrape the excess off…and if not… well…


I look at what I've done.  If I keep the lights off and squint my eyes a bit, the dusty-looking almond swirls all over the tiles give the floor a mystic look…


And I reason, in a couple of months… or years…  I’ll have to do this all over again, and I’ll do better then…


And… if it becomes an issue, I can always get someone to help me the next time…


And… my guest bathroom still looks presentable, so no one else has to know about this bathroom…


Yep!  This little home-improvement adventure has, definitely, made a dent to Perfectionism, and I’m OK with that. 


P.S.  After all was said and done, a gentleman, online, let me know that I shouldn't have been caulking... bur grouting.


I'm sitting here, now... silently shaking ny head... thinking... What a great punchline to a joke... if only it was a joke... Oh, well... <shrug>



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