A Beauty Blogger’s (Not So) Modest Holiday Wish List

Posted on Dec 23 2011 at 02:24:39 PM in Entertainment

A Beauty Blogger’s (Not So) Modest Holiday Wish List

{by} Sasha | Crows' Feet, Cupcakes, and Cellulite


Dear Santa,


I’ve been good all year long (okay, there was that beauty counter incident back in June when I screamed at the sales specialist for not having my favorite eyeliner in stock, but let’s not split hairs). In light of my good behavior, I’ve compiled a not-too-lavish list of things I simply must have. And by “must” I mean my beauty health and happiness depend on it, Santa. (Dramatic? Perhaps. Shameless? No.) Where was I? Oh yes, the list. Mr. Clause, you might ask yourself why a beauty blogger would possibly need an unlimited spending account at Tiffany’s and, well, every girl needs some sparkle in her life as well as her daily dose of veggies. (My favorite vegetable just so happens to be carats…really…big…carats.) So point your sleigh this way, Santa darling, and please don’t delay as this blogger’s happiness is at stake. (Hey, drama queen first, beauty blogger second.) Oh, and would it be too much to ask for…mmm never mind, that one’s definitely too over-the-top. Okay, St. Nick…here’s my lil’ list:


An unlimited spending account at Tiffany’s (ahhh, the infamous blue box)
A village of hair, skin, and fitness specialists (J Lo’s will do)
Perfect hair days every single day (enough said)
Smaller pores (seriously, mine are the size of Texas)
A vacation house in Martha’s Vineyard (preferably a three bedroom)
An unlimited supply of La Mer skincare (love the stuff but the price hurts my feelings)
A six pack (the alcohol-free, perfectly sculpted kind)
Endless chocolate chip cookies from NYC’s Levain Bakery (need I explain this one?)
To go on tour with Nicki Manaj (hey, secretly we all want to be pop stars)
A Shetland pony (I requested this when I was eight and am STILL waiting)
A two week trip to St. Barts (my pasty gams could give Casper a run for his money)
The latest Mini Cooper convertible (beep, beep)
A personal chef (my chef crush, Bobby Flay, would be swell)
To be Valentino’s muse (hey, a girl can dream can’t she?)


And Santa, is there any way you can let me know, in advance, if you’ll be fulfilling the entire list? I’ll need plenty of time to make the necessary arrangements, of course. Oh, I know you’re busy, St. Nick, so you can just Tweet me. (By the way, do you know if Shetland ponies eat wheatgrass?) Toodles! 

Yours Truly,


A Beauty Blogger


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