9 Google Chrome Add-on For Students

Posted on Jun 1 2012 at 01:08:53 PM in Software

9 Google Chrome Add-on For Students

Need to study for a particular lesson in school? Or do you need to work on a research paper or project? As students, we have no way of staying away from all those requirements that we need to submit in order for us to pass our subjects in school. And so, we do everything in order to accomplish all those projects and use the very helpful Internet to work on those.

If you still don’t know, Google Chrome actually has several extensions on how you, as a student, can efficiently work on your projects. It will even make your School life easier! So here are 10 Chrome Extensions that you can utilize as you work on your projects in school.

1. Google books

You can read any book using any device, and you can also read it anywhere – on or off campus. What’s best in this extension is that you can highlight important texts and also make notes on that stuff that you discover while reading.

2. Things to do

Do you have the tendency to forget doing the things that you have to work on for school? There are actually several Chrome extensions that you can use! These are RemindMe, StickyNotes, and myHomework. What’s good in the last extension is that it’s also available on Android and iPhone.


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