7 Tips to Motivate Your Workout

Posted on May 29 2012 at 01:13:38 PM in Fitness

8 months ago I made a choice to incorporate diet and exercise into my routine. I
knew it had to be a lifestyle change or it would be just another yo-yo diet. 
Sometimes, I find myself bored with my workouts or diets and need something
extra to put some peep in my step and to motivate myself.  Here are some tips
that have been successful for me:


  • Reload my play list on my iPod: I find that some new songs
    help motivate me and enhance my workouts. Right now, I am loving anything with
    Pitbull. He gets me rocking on the elliptical!
  • Change your routine or find a class: I get bored VERY easy
    so doing different things at the gym or joining a spin class, Zumba or a boot
    camp helps with that boredom. My mom and I actually took one class of
    Aquazumba.  Longest hour of my life!!!  I think my mom just forgave me for
    dragging her to that.  It was a disaster! The point is keep your workouts fresh
    and new.
  • Find a buddy or friend who shares the same goals: I have
    enjoyed working out more when I have a friend.  A friend also helps me to be
    accountable for getting out of bed at 4:30 AM. When it's just me, I tend to turn
    the alarm off and go back to sleep.
  • Go shopping!: Buying a new workout outfit always gets me
    excited to hit the gym.
  • Drink water: If I indulged in too many calories one day,
    the following day I will drink A LOT of water. My goal is 60 ounces of water.
    Water flushes the toxins and helps with the bloat. It also helps the scale to be
  • Surf the web: There are tons of great fitness tips out
    there and many awesome healthy recipes from our fellow bloggers. Here is a great
    blog with healthy meal plans and here
    is a great blog with weekly fitness
  • Just GO! Quit procrastinating: Once you get out of the
    routine of working out it's harder to get back into it. You just have to make
    yourself go and it gets easier. It's kind of like house cleaning once you start
    dusting it's not that bad and easy to finish. 
  • Everybody is different
    when it comes to motivation so my suggestion is to find something that works for
    you. The most important thing to remember is you are making a change for the
    better. If you just view it as a diet or something you have to do to accomplish
    a few pounds shed then you won't be successful. Also, if you go a few weeks
    without working out or eating right don't beat yourself up. We all are tempted
    by an extra cookie or too tired to go to the gym. Don't let it defeat you! Once
    you get back into it, it will get less and less harder to quit!  Good luck! Now
    I need to take my own advice and get motivated once again ;)

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