7 Reasons Being a PMP Makes You a Happier Person

Posted on Jun 13 2012 at 04:11:16 AM in Business & Economy

Being a project management professional is often stressful, and it can lead you down a dark and gloomy path if you are not careful. Your career is to fix things and make things better for your employees. Project managers should not let the stresses of the project get to them because their co-workers will see that, and it will be a domino effect, so no one will want to work on the project. That is why you need to know the 7 reasons why being a Project Management Professional makes you a happier person.

Happiness is Contagious

When you are happily working on a project, your co-workers will see that you are happy, which makes the project fun to work on, and easier to work with you. Happiness helps create better co-worker relationships while everyone is working diligently on the same projects week after week. You will be able to work better with your teammates, colleagues, and customers if you are happy with what you are doing.


Being Happy=Creativity


Your career as a project manager requires you to be productive and move forward in every project you take on. When you are happy, your creative juices start to flow, which helps your project to achieve the best possible outcome at the end. People who are happier think more creatively, and they are likely to be more fluent and cognitive in their thought processes throughout the entire project.


You Fix Problems


Project managers should be happy about fixing problems, rather than creating them. When people see you fixing a safety hazard or production efficiency issue, they become happier, which makes you a happier person. Employees like people who know how to fix problems, and a project manager is the person they turn to in times of crisis.


You Become More Organized


Being organized and uncluttered helps not only your professional life, but it carries through to your personal life as well. People who are messy and unorganized are often more stressed out because they cannot find the documents they are looking for when working on a capital project. Being a project manager makes you a happier person because you need to be organized and uncluttered because you are working on capital expenditures so the company can be a better place to work and to make more money.


Being a PMP Makes You Optimistic


When you work as a project management professional, your goal is to complete the project quickly and efficiently. For those who are optimistic about being able to complete projects, it helps you become a happier person to work for. People who are pessimistic every time they take on a new project often find themselves having to solve more problems throughout the project.
Being a PMP Makes You Motivated


Project managers who are more motivated finish more projects, which makes them more happy and satisfied with their work. People who are not motivated to finish projects often are overwhelmed by the tasks at hand, which make them unhappy and miserable to be around.


Working as a Team Gets More Work Done


When project managers work with their coworkers as a team, they get their projects done quicker because more work is done. Since work is spread evenly through the team, it reduces the amount of stress project managers have to deal with, which makes them a happier person. When coworkers do not get along when assigned to a project, project managers are more stressed out because they constantly have to deal with employee relations issues instead of getting the work done to complete the project.


Working as a project management professional is a very rewarding career because you are making a difference in your co-workers’ lives, in the company, and in the community. When a project runs smoothly, you will be a happier person, and everyone else will be too.

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