7 Fitness Applications to Lose Weight

Posted on Mar 14 2012 at 12:55:40 AM in Health

7 Fitness Applications to Lose Weight

Working out is a vital part of losing weight.  One might say it is half the battle, with dieting being the other half.  However, neither is easy.  For people who want to lose weight by working out, there are many apps designed to help.  These apps cannot work out for you, but they provide encouragement and accountability.  Here are seven fitness apps that will help you lose weight.


iPump & Fitness Builder


IPump & Fitness Builder is an exercise guru.  With a list comprised of thousands of exercises, this app can design any number of fitness programs.  These exercises use equipment such as kettle balls, weights, foam rollers and more.  Of course, standard push-ups and crunches are also included.  Each exercise has a video, so users can see exactly how to perform the exercise.  Workouts can be sorted by the target muscle group, which many apps allow.  IPump & Fitness Builder also can arrange workouts by location, such as at home, the office or a hotel.  Price: $9.99.


Fitness Class for iPad


As its name suggests, Fitness Class for iPad only works on the iPad, when either a WIFI or 3G connection is available.  However, people who like iPump & Fitness Builder might want to consider Fitness Class for iPad.  The two apps are both designed by Pump One.  Fitness Class for iPad allows users to preview fitness class videos.  After previewing, the classes can either be subscribed to or purchased outright.  Price: Free to preview classes, $1.99 - $3.99 per subscription and $9.99 and up to purchase a class outright.


MotionTraxx Radio


MotionTraxx Radio helps people keep a rhythm while working out.  It provides soundtracks, which are specifically designed for their beats.  The rhythms help people maintain a specific pace while walking or jogging.  There are interval, boot camp and steady state options.  Price: $2.99.




M-Train is a wonderful app for anyone who is getting bored with fitness routines.  After downloading M-Train, users will receive one free workout.  Every workout routine after that is $0.99, but they are all very unique.  A typical M-Train program might include mule kicks, mountain climbers and machine gun squats.  Price: First is free, $0.99 after that for each workout.


Beatburn Treadmill / Outdoor Trainer


Beatburn Treadmill / Outdoor Trainer is very similar to the interval program on a treadmill.  It can be customized, even adjusted in the middle of a session.  However, Beatburn can be taken anywhere, and it provides motivational music.  Price: $3.99.




IMapMyFitness uses a GPS system to map people’s runs.  These are automatically logged into an account, where progress can be tracked.  User accounts can be viewed online, as well as through the app.  Many people use iMapMyFitness to share their routines with friends.  Price: Free.


Tap & Track


Tap & Track is designed to track both fitness programs and dietary habits.  Everyone who has tried to lose weight knows success only comes through both exercise and healthy eating.  The above six apps will help you with a fitness program, but this seventh app assists with both exercise and eating.  People can track calories burned through a fitness program, calories eaten and weight loss or gain.  Price: $3.99.


Author Bio: Zachary James writes for Boxfit Boxing Equipment, an online retailer of Cleto Reyes Boxing Gloves and other boxing equipment.




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