6 Definitive Signs He Loves You

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6 Definitive Signs He Loves You

Are you wondering why a guy is always beside you? Is he there whenever you need him? Do questions like "Is he in love with me?" occurs at night? So you are bothered if a guy loves you.

Knowing such isn't as complicated as you think. In fact, it is just so clear yet you just take no notice. The problem is within you. Maybe you're afraid or somewhat hesitant. Maybe you worry about how things are going to be after he tells you what he feels. If you really have no idea about knowing anything, here are the most apparent signs if a guy loves you.

Sign #1: He does everything you say.

A guy loves you if he's so quick about everything you ask him to do. Say for example you tell him to do something, you'll notice that he will do it first before he continue on what he's doing. They do it to make a good impression. They might even get your other tasks and get it done in just a minute.

Sign #2: He can't look at you straight.

A guy loves you if he finds it hard to look into your eyes directly. You'll notice that he is so shy or rather cannot compose himself whenever you're around. Maybe this one is merely because they are too conscious about themselves and they do not want you to notice anything bad or unpleasant about them.

Sign #3: He knows your mood.

A guy loves you if he knows even just the tiniest part of your emotion. If he sees you indifferent or somewhat in a bad mood, he will be the first to notice. Expect that he will lend his ears and shoulders for you. A guy who cares for someone too much is indeed keeping his real feelings for the person. Anyone can classify if someone is too caring or does it clearly as usual.

Sign #4: He knows everything about you.

A guy loves you if he knows almost everything about you. If he knows what you like and dislike, he might have been eyeing you for quite some time already. He observes your every action and pays attention to every word you say. He might have been looking at your files or asking your friends about anything. He really did his homework.

Sign #5: He stares at you when you are not looking.

A guy loves you if he stares at you whenever you are busy doing something or talking to someone. This is rather typical. You can see this move in every romantic movie so you might have known about this one. He will keep staring until you catch him looking at you. And when that happens, he will quickly get his gaze off you and suddenly his face becomes red. Cute right?

Sign #6: He panics when you hurt yourself.

How could someone not related to you be affected whenever you are hurt? Why would someone care about you so much? One word - love. He is in love. With who? Look at the mirror, there you'll find the answer. More information? Go straight to the site.

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