5 Ways To Find Lost Windows Passwords

Posted on Aug 30 2011 at 09:56:38 AM in Computers & Internet

5 Ways To Find Lost Windows Passwords


Lost your Windows password? Don’t panic, the world is not coming to an end.

The Windows logon password is one of the most important passwords we have memorized and if you’ve lost (okay… forgotten) this password, the entire world can seem just out of reach.

Lucky for all of us, there are several ways to find your lost password in Windows:

Note: All of the ways listed below to find lost passwords apply to Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. Some of these ideas might work for older Windows operating systems as well.


  • Use Your Password Reset Disk

    The easiest way to get out of a “lost Windows password” predicament is to use your password reset disk – assuming of course you have one. You’ll know if you do.

    Creating a password reset disk, which can actually be a flash drive or a floppy disk, depending on your version of Windows, is something you have to do before you lose your Windows password, not after. So, as is probably obvious, if you never created one yourself before losing access to Windows then this option isn’t going to do you any good.

    However, once you do find your Windows password, as I’m sure you will with one of the other methods below, come right back here and learn how to create a password reset disk so you can avoid all this trouble next time.

    Note: You only have to make a password reset disk once. No matter how many times you change your password after creating the disk, it will still work to reset your password if you ever forget it.
    How To Create a Password Reset Disk in Windows

  • Have an Administrator Change Your Password

    The next easiest way to find a lost Windows password is to forget the idea of finding it at all and have one of the other users on your computer change your password for you.

    This will only work if one of the other people you share your computer with has a Windows logon account that’s setup with administrator level access. One account usually is so be sure to give this a try with as many accounts as you can.

    Tip: The first account that was setup in Windows is often times setup with administrator access.

    Obviously you’ll have to pass on this idea entirely if you’re the only user on your computer.

  • Guess Your Password

    Don’t laugh! I know this might seem like obvious advice and something I’m sure you think you’ve done already. Your first reaction to a lost password was probably to “think really hard” and that didn’t work.

    The trick here is to make an educated guess. Most passwords, even complicated and well designed ones, are inspired by the people, places, and things in the account holder’s life.

    For example, could your password have had something to do with a loved one’s birthday, a pet’s name, an often dialed telephone number, etc.? See the link below for tons of great ideas to get your wheels turning.

  • Hack Into Windows With a Password Recovery Tool

    Hacking into Windows might sound dangerous, illegal, and too complicated but the reality is quite the opposite.

    Windows password recovery tools are just software programs that you can freely download from various legitimate websites and then use to either find the lost Windows password or quickly reset/delete it, allowing you back in.

    Important: In almost all cases where the three ideas above aren’t options, a Windows password recovery program is the successful strategy. These password recovery programs are completely safe and easy to use, even for a computer novice, as long as you can follow some step-by-step directions.
    List of Free Windows Password Recovery Tools

  • Clean Install Windows

    This is the option you really don’t want to try but I include it here because it’s a surefire fix for a Windows lost password problem.

    A clean install of Windows is a complete erasure of your hard drive, followed by a reinstallation of the Windows operating system. I have some great step-by-step tutorials linked below but the clean install process is time consuming and you lose everything in the process.

    If you skipped the Windows password recovery tool option above because it sounded too complicated, please know that a clean install is much more involved.

  • For complete steps, visit: Find Lost Windows Password


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