5 Simple SEO Tips that Will Drive Website Traffic

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I've been an SEO guy for the better part of 7 years and have picked up a thing or two over time. The tips I plan to outline in this post are time tested, white hat tactics that adhere to guide lines set forth by all of the major search engines. All you'll find here are good practices that give the search engine bots what they are looking for to better list your website or blog. These tips are guaranteed to increase your website traffic and if you pay attention increase your ROI.

Website Traffic Tip #1 URL

The first thing a search engine bot will see on your site is your actual URL. It's the first thing to get crawled and indexed. If the bot had nothing else to use to determine what your site was about it would have this. Use your url wisely. Take for instance the following example. It's obvious one page already provides more information than the other.

  • www.mywesite.com/journal/post=?6514
  • www.mywesite.com/journal/drive-website-traffic/

Obviously, the second link provides more information. Like I said create your urls wisely. It's the first things the bots see. Give them what they want.

Website Traffic Tip #2 Use Header Tags Effectively

Use your favorite page debugger of choice to disable styles in any post on your website. I prefer Firefox's web developer tools, but any program that will disable all page styles will do. You'll notice that any header tags visually stand out. This is what the bots see. They add a numeric value to each one H1 carrying more weight than H6. Make sure when you use these to:

  • Include your target keyword or key-phrase.
  • Outline your paragraph for quick skimming.

Including your key-phrase in these tags gives them more weight and tells the bot that this is the main focus of this page or post. Summing up your paragraphs in the larger header text quickly and easily tells your viewers what they are about to read. They can quickly deduce what your post is about. This advice is a good viewer retention tip as well.

Website Traffic Tip #3 Bolds & Italics

With the styles disabled on your page note that any bold-ed or italicized content stands out. This is another piece of code to optimize for. I try to add at least 1 bold tag and one italicized tag around my targeted key-phrases to help drive home what the focus of my post is. Don't over-do it. Over-use of any SEO tactic can come across as spammy. You want to avoid this at all cost. I this case less is better.

Wesbite Traffic Tip #4 Use Your Keyword

I know the header above seems vague so let me explain. Make use of your keyword and variations of your keyword where ever you can. This is a bit tough for people to follow some times. I'm not talking about keyword stuffing where you blatantly and ham-fistedly stuff your keyword as many times as you can on a page even where inappropriate.

My advice is to use your targeted keyword where you can. If you can repeat your key phrase or close variations to your key phrase without making your post super spammy do. See the following example.

  • Check out my widget tips for better widgets that work well with other widgets.
  • The following list of widget tips will help you develop a winning widget design that is sure to thrill your viewers.

Website Traffic Tip #5 Original Content

This one seems like a no-brainer to me, but this is an oversight many beginner bloggers make. It's so critical that the content you write is your own. Plagiary is frowned on by all the major search engines. Stealing content can get you black listed. Bouncing back from a fate such as that is not an easy task.

Bottom line is if you don't have something value added to contribute to the Internet you're wasting your time.

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