3 Steps to Clean Your Office Space

Posted on Nov 16 2011 at 08:13:39 AM in How-To

Nowadays we spend most of our time at work. For someone it is behind a drivers seat, for others it's someone's home. Some people work in offices. Office space is where you have to create, doesn't matter what – a picture, an article, a presentation, an engineering project, whatever. Keeping office clean and tidy will make your thoughts the same, and help you do your job easier and more pleasant. Here are 3 simple steps on how to do this, on a regular day basis.

1.Dealing with documents and papers: these usually are spread everywhere in the office and if you don't keep track of them it can get very hard to organize them later on. Some documents and reports get old and useless. They are to be either archived or destroyed – no need for them to be on your desks. If it is already a mess get up, and collect all of the documents, then sort them out – the ones you need, the ones you don't and the ones that can be discarded. Put them in files and store In a proper place – close and accessible yet not to get in your way. It is good to collect all written notes, and messages and put them in a single book (rewrite eventually or stick them there) and arrange in some way, like chronologically.

This may seem like difficult and time demanding but you will feel better if you do this. If you are at a job that demands creativity it is a good thing to do something less bothering, more mechanical duty. Imagine that you are working at cleaners Walthamstow for instance. It will refresh that “hard drive” of yours and help you get better ideas.

2.Besides documents there are other stuff you may clean up – like your desk for instance. Coffee circles, soda rings can be removed with a cloth and warm water. Ink stains with cleaning alcohol (or other alcohol for that matter). If you use a phone clean it as well. It can be the same warm water or alcohol. Alcohol based solutions can be used to clean your computer or monitor, this is if you are allowed to temper with the hardware in a way different from a simple user.

3.Finally you probably keep stuff around your working place different from office tools – family and friend's pictures, talismans, souvenirs. Wipe them with a cloth as well. Dust off the shelfs, the inside of the desk drawers, the computer body underneath and other areas that you think of. Finally you may clean your chair – if it's a leather one, use special leather cleaning fluid. Vacuum clean wherever you may find necessary – underneath the desk, the chair, the shelfs if you are that lazy to dust them off manually.

One other thing to consider if you are an office manager is using a professional cleaning companies service, like the cleaners Walthamstow. Even if you are not – talk to your supervisors to consider professionally cleaning the office from time to time.

This is probably it. Your working environment is clean. Now you may return to your active duties.

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