3 Basic Steps to Remove Coffee Stains from a Carpet

Posted on Mar 22 2012 at 11:09:12 AM in Food & Drink

3 Basic Steps to Remove Coffee Stains from a Carpet

The first thing, which you do when wake up in the morning is to turn on the coffee machine. After that, you are going to the bathroom, dressing up, etc. And here is the moment when you have to make the coffee and to bring it on to the table. Very often, when you are sleepy you can accidentally spill the caffeine drink. After that kind of accident, you do not need coffee any more. 


Unfortunately, you have to clean the stained carpet. And of course, you do not have enough time before work. In these moments most of the people call carpet cleaning Sydney. In case, that you want to clean the carpet by yourself, you have to apply 3 easy steps. 


Step one: It is very important to act immediately. So, you have to blot the stain with a paper towel. That way will prevent spreading the stain and discolouring the carpet. You have to repeat this step until there is no more wetness on the paper. 


Step two: Now, it is good to soak a clean cloth in cold water and wipe the stained area. Another way to rinse the carpet is when you pour a cup of water, but be certain that the water is not too much, because there is a chance to cause damages on the carpet and it won’t dry quickly. 


Step three: Make a good cleaning solution. Mix dishwashing detergent  and lemon juice. Take a sponge and apply the cleaning solution on the problematic area. Carpet cleaners Sydney recommend scrubbing from the outside to the inside part of the stain. That way will prevent spreading the stain.  After that, you have to rinse the cleaning solution with clean water. Blot the wet area with a soft cloth. At the end dry the carpet, it is good to let it dry by itself. 


I hope that every step is clear and you won’t have problems to perform the cleaning process. And still if you have any difficulties, you can consult with some professional cleaners.       

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