25 Ideas For Play Indoors on a Rainy Day

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25 Ideas For Play Indoors on a Rainy Day By uss_mom, on June 24th, 2011

Spring, summer, winter or fall, it doesn’t matter what the season is — keeping kids busy at home on rainy days can be a challenge for most parents. Fun memories were made when I forgot about ‘keeping a clean house’ or ‘what chores to get done’ and just allow the kids’ creativity to take control of the day.

In our house there were spectacular forts made with chairs, blankets and tents in the living-room, cookies baking in the oven, matchbox cars patrolling the homestead, or a lots of neighborhood kids watching a Disney movie with popcorn and drinks by their side.

Don’t let a little precipitation keep your kids parked on the couch all day. There are a variety of activities that can be done with children to keep them occupied at home. Here are 25 ideas for kids to play indoors:

1. Invite friends over (ok, that’s a given)
2. Rent a movie
3. Help a child re-organize or decorate his/her room
4. Plan a treasure hunt
5. Draw a picture together – take turns adding details
6. Bake cookies and invite a neighbor over to help eat them
7. Put on a tea party and dress for the occasion
8. Build a fort in the house
9. Form a band with pots and pans as instruments
10. Give your kids a wide roll of masking tape and build “roads” for Matchbox cars
11. Fill the tub or sink with water and float boats in it
12. Put on a talent show
13. Suit up with boots and raincoats and go outside
14. Put on a puppet show
15. Play hide and seek
16. Have a picnic on the floor in your bathing suit
17. Paint your fingernails
18. Play board games or card games
19. Create facemasks with paper plates and popsicle sticks
20. Make a collage from old magazines and newspapers
21. Play charades
22. Play broom sock ball in the garage
23. Build a time capsule
24. Crank up the music and dance in your pajamas
25. Have a limbo contest

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