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By Dennis Dames:


Many have said that it will be a good year; one where prosperity reigns and the hard times for so many deserving - subside. I'm feeling good about a fresh beginning, with a new unyielding outlook on life and the roads ahead.

I could sense that success is on the horizon for all who would subscribe to succeed - in one’s quest for a better existence.

2013 is poetic and mysterious, and yet it has the personality of a contagious victory. I am triumphant over the obstacles of mediocrity and complacency; my focus now - is to accomplish something positively grand and socially meaningful.

I am committed to a more disciplined routine, and the vision to thrive is the light of my path. I thank God for another chance; and I shall move form strength-to-strength in Jesus name.

I invite my brothers to join the cause of commonsense and wealth. Let us work hard, smart, and with a meaningful purpose; like - nation building for peace and prosperity's sake.

We are contributors of the future, whether we are conscious of it or not. We are making our individual and collective marks on the fresh concrete of history - for better or worse.

I prefer for the greater good, which is durable and noble. Doing wonderful things for humanity and its rich tomorrow, is something to make God smile - no doubt.

2013 is about brilliance and moving forward in love, peace, unity and the like.  Magnificence shall surely follow respect, sensibleness and team work.

Let’s get on with it – if we know how to do it, brothers and sisters.  We have a world which is depending on us.


©Dennis Dames – January 03, 2013


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