2013: The Year of Creativity

Posted on Jan 15 2013 at 11:32:12 AM in Arts & Humanities

2013: The Year of Creativity

Happy New Year, everyone!

I’m linking up with Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop and answering the prompt: “Instead of a resolution, some people choose a theme word to live by for the year. Choose a word for 2013 and tell us why you chose it.”  This seemed fitting for me since I normally pick theme word(s) for each year.  2011 was the year of ‘Staying Connected’ and 2012 was happily noted as ‘Evolution.’

I think 2012 was the first year I realized that I actually have some creative juices within me.  I never was really an artistic person when I was younger.  I would fill about three pages of a coloring book with some crayon marks (most hitting outside the lines) before I decided I was done with it.  I feared any school project that required thinking ‘outside the box.’  I was enrolled in ceramic classes, but I found a snake-coil-pot-with-a-simple-blue-glaze to be far from artistically tantalizing.

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