2013 Bar & Bat Mitzvah Party Trends

Posted on Jan 7 2013 at 10:53:59 AM in Society & Culture

We're excited to share with you the Top 7 Bar & Bat Mitzvah Trends for 2013! 

The words Personalized –  Stylish – Creative describe bat & bar mitzvahs in 2013.  

Here are the the top b’nai mitzvah trends from Daniela Grafman of Vision Entertainment Group

Trend # 1 – The Name Theme

Incorporating your child’s name into the themesuch as “Saturday Nat Live”.  

Trend # 2 – Mitzvah DJs or Live Entertainment?  BOTH!

Trend # 3 – The Reception Lounge

Families are including a lounge with alternative, comfy seating for the teens.

Trend # 4 – “Setting the Bar” High

The cocktail and drink bars are getting creative with photos, logos and LED lights.

Trend # 5 – Decorating the Ceiling

Hanging ceiling decor is popular, with paper lanterns, parasols, origami and even Slinkys.

Trend # 6 – LED Lighting

Trend # 7 – Sweet Endings

The dessert buffet has become extremely popular, and can showcase the colors or theme of the party, or have a theme of its own.

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