1966 and all that

Posted on Jun 11 2011 at 03:31:38 PM in People

It's been such an eventful sporting week-end, with the new W.B.A. boxing heavyweight champion from England; Swansea beating Cardiff in our biggest local soccer derby; New Zealand beating Wales, again, in rugby, another blind referee, this time French; Australia beating England, also in rugby; with all this sport going on, for some reason my mind went back to the 1950 soccer World Cup in Brazil; with England's first participation, and only 13 teams taking part, in England they were seen as favourites to go home with the trophy, unfortunately, dark clouds unexpectedly appeared on the horizon, there was a freak draw against the U.S.A. and another loss against Spain, so they ended up packing their bags and leaving early. Three years later some Hungarian upstarts went to Wembley to play against the best team in the world, disaster, they lost 5-3, this couldn't be taken sitting down so a return match was arranged for six months later, horror of horrors, they went down 7-1, how freaky can things get, they must have asked themselves, never mind, they weren't to know that destiny was on their side, thirteen years later they finally proved that the world was wrong and they were right, when, although they were excused qualifying and there was a debatable goal, things finally came right, and don't we know it, their re-action was such that they are still giving medals for that match 45 years later. If there has been a mis-understanding over this little rumination, doesn't matter.

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