10 Weight Loss Issues Solved

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10 Weight Loss Issues Solved

Each of us has a different metabolism and body structure. Some people are born slightly fat, while others are born thin and scrawny. Ultimately, the way we look, at least in the initial stages of our life comes down to our DNA structure. This does not mean that someone who is born heavy will remain heavy for the rest of their lives and it is quite possible to sculpt and tone the body as per requirements.

Moreover, pregnancy, diseases and various other factors play an important role in the weight loss or weight gain process. Some of the day to day issues that we come across regarding the subject are as follows:

I Hardly Eat But Still Can’t Lose Weight

There is a fine line between dieting and fasting. Remember that just because you stop eating, it does not necessarily mean it will result in sudden weight loss. In fact, your body is tuned to such an extent that it automatically forms a defense mechanism around you, when the food intake is reduced. Your body will slow down the metabolic rate and therefore and reduce the amount of calories burnt per day.

Since the body is used to set amount of calories per day, making drastic changes will not serve you at all. You simply need to burn calories more than you consume and this happens only with a combination of diet and exercise. Fast fat loss is just a myth and crash dieting does more harm than good.

She Can Eat Chocolate Cake And Still Stay Thin

Well, too bad, it just so happens that your friend has a much higher metabolic rate than you do! Age and physical structure also play an important part in this. Those who are muscle mass are likely to burn more calories and their bodies act like a coal furnace of sorts. You might have to incorporate some muscle building exercises into your workout. Or, maybe she is just lucky!

I Have Gained Three Pounds In Two Days, How?

It is quite simple actually, eating during times of stress results in a slowing down of the metabolism and this in turn results in weight gain. If you have been eating a sandwich while driving and drinking a soda and at the same time trying to change gears, then it is likely that your body has responded in that way. You might not want to hear this but there is nothing wrong with your weighing scale and breaking it, is not going to help.

I Lose Weight Overnight

Many people have the tendency to weight themselves before they head to bed every night. This behavior is actually not recommended and you should not weigh yourself more than two times a week. The reason for weight loss in the morning is urinating. Your bladder contains more than a liter of water which adds to the overall weight and after your morning ablutions; you are likely to lose that amount of weight. Moreover, sweating during the night might have a similar result.

The Problem Of PMS

That dreaded time of the month can be a nightmare for women and everyone around them. Moreover, some women tend to lose weight during this period due to heavy bleeding and other factors. If your hormones are not functioning effectively then there is a good chance that you will lose a few pounds during that particular week.

I’m Finding It Difficult to Lose Weight like Before

Well, we cannot be sixteen for ever! During the younger years, the body is still relatively new and it can recover from imbalance caused by hormones much quicker. As we grow older, it tends to slow down and one has to sleep more in order to recover. Middle aged people will find it difficult to shed those extra pounds unless and until their hormones are in order, which comes from proper sleep. Moreover, the lack of physical activity during this period may also be a factor.

I Swapped To Vegetarianism And Still Gained Weight

There is no rule which says that vegetarians won’t gain weight. In fact, vegetables can be cooked with a whole lot of oil and fat which will result in substantial weight gain. You need to watch what you eat, irrespective of whether you are a carnivore or an herbivore. Pasta, rice and anything which contains lots of calories can make your gain weight. Stick to tofu, legumes and foods which are rich in proteins. Avoid lathering your salads with excessive dressings and oils as well.

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