10 Ways to Ensure Your Life Insurance Claim Pays Out

Posted on Jan 1 2013 at 03:47:27 AM in Finance & Investment

10 Ways to Ensure Your Life Insurance Claim Pays Out

The reason for getting life insurance quotes and taking out a policy is simple. We want to ensure our loved ones get the cover we have set up for them. So it makes sense to ensure we do everything we can to get that payout easily if the time should come.

1.Declare all information. Read through the life insurance application form carefully and declare everything. Non-disclosure is a big reason for insurers not paying out on a claim.

2.Be as honest as possible

When it comes to life cover, honesty really is the best policy. There are no grey areas here. Be 110% honest otherwise a claim could be met with rejection.

3.Read every detail so you understand the policy.

People hate small print, but it is necessary to make sure you read it and understand it. It’s there for a reason and you should know every aspect of your insurance policy.

4.If you smoke, say so.

You may have to declare yourself as a smoker even if you have stopped recently and you are using nicotine replacement therapies. If this applies to you, read all the information the insurer wants and provide it truthfully.

5.Understand the key features your policy provides.

Most insurers provide an ‘at a glance’ section that tells you the main features of your policy. To ensure you have the policy you want that will pay out when you want it to, it makes sense to read this thoroughly.

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