10 Multipurpose Landscaping Elements That Boost Security (Excerpt)

Posted on Feb 1 2013 at 11:25:56 PM in Society & Culture

Hopefully, you're going to plant edibles and homeopathic remedies rather than just fostering a pretty lawn for football. While you do so, though, here's some multipurpose landscaping tips that will boost your security at the same time.

Please note that for this post, I've purposely omitted some of the more clearly-advantageous setups like standard fences and tripwires for trespasser detection since they may not serve any landscaping purpose other than security. That doesn't mean they're not essential, of course. These multipurpose landscaping tips are meant to assist the effectiveness of your home security plan, not to be your whole home security plan by any stretch of the imagination.

10 landscaping elements you might not've been using strategically:

1. Open Space

If nobody can approach your home unseen or hide in its nearby shadows, then your home is less attractive to thieves and it's absolutely easier to defend your home and avoid being surprised. A good 30 to 50 feet of clearance is desirable, and that'll help you defend your home against fire as well.

2. Concrete Planters

Strategically place these monolithic, decorative pots and you'll be sure to stop or at least slow most vehicles. Alternatively, you could create foot-high concrete-based flower beds that will also stop vehicles while offering even less concealment value to intruders.

3. Trenches

Deep ditches with steep walls can also stop vehicles, but properly used serve to route excess water around your property. You could also put one directly around your home, which would make the climb into a window more difficult for possible intruders and give you firefight coverage. Just make sure you don't create a solution where someone could be hiding out right by your front door as you approach it.

Whether done around the perimeter of your property or just right around your home, a steep trench can also give you the medieval joy of filling a moat around your house if a wildfire springs up in your area. Just remember than the fighting lads in the World Wars took cover in trenches for a reason, so don't prefabricate an excellent defensive position for your potential enemies.


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