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Nickname: seyisandradavid-org
First Name: Seyi Sandra
Last Name: David
Date of Birth: 10/14/1975
Country: United kingdom
Gender: Female
Language: English
Occupation: Media, the Arts and Printing
About me: Seyi Sandra began dabbling into writing from an early age. Her first novel at the age of 13 was deemed too ‘grown up’ by publishers but instead of that to dampen her spirit, she shrugged it off and completed her secondary school and she was promptly admitted to the University of Ilorin where she studied English Language.

At the completion of her degree, she got a job with the state’s local newspaper, ”People’s Advocate” where she quickly rose through the ranks and attained the position of a senior correspondent attached to the state house of assembly.

She is the bestselling author of ”The Impossible President” the novel gripped readers like storm in 2002, it was released by Regency publishers.

The novel explores the possibility of a woman becoming the first female president in a country like Nigeria where men have failed woefully and politicians cannot be trusted due to their corruption and greed, a country where women are relegated to the background when it comes to governance. It’s a novel which celebrates womanhood and the ability to dream big and work hard towards achieving it.

She has established herself as a literary force with the publication of ”The Feet Of Darkness” , the novel sheds light on the struggles of a British scientist who finds himself embroiled in a plot that will not only change his life forever but the world as a whole, it was published in UK in 2007.

However, the second edition will be out shortly.

The Paperback and Kindle Edition of her new book, a short story, ”Tales Of Five Lies” is out now and can be purchased on Amazon websites.

However this link can take you directly to purchase the book.

She is a columnist for ”Black Heritage Today,” a london based magazine and also a Reviewer for Bookpleasures
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