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Nickname: RoseInBloom
User Activity: 25 pts total (0 pts in January)
Firstname: Cheryl
Lastname: Solis
Date of Birth: 01/06/1969
Country: United states
Gender: Female
Language: English
Occupation: Media, the Arts and Printing

A Capricorn with Gemini Ascendant & a fiery Sagittarius Moon; a woman of deep Faith who is forever seeking her True Path; a bookworm who spends too many hours reading; a woman with a vivid imagination who has barely touched the surface of her dreams through her Art; the loving mother of an Angel-boy & a Fairy-girl who are now all grown-up; a fan of Tolkien & Bradbury & Isaac Bashevis Singer; a collector & admirer of many, many movies (just ask me!); a star-gazer, ocean-watcher, marshland dreamer; a Low-Country Girl who loves shrimp & oysters & the sight of a tall white egret against a sunset River; a Southern Lady with the Soul of a beautiful Chinese empress; a damned fine cook who loves to experiment with world cuisine; an adoring wife, a loving & wistful daughter, a lady who dreams of Beijing almost every day since she left...

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