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Keep Chronic Wasting Disease Out of California

10/21/2014 12:20:15 PM

Chronic Wasting Disease is fatal to deer, elk and moose. Keep this neurologic disease out of California. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife is asking hunters to help keep California free of this neurologic disease. Chronic Wasting Disease does not affect humans but is fatal to deer, e..

Liberty Island Ecological Reserve Regulations

10/15/2014 13:41:44 PM

New waterfowl hunting regulations now in effect for Liberty Island Ecological Reserve. Check before you hunt. On August 11, 2014 new waterfowl hunting regulations went into effect for the Liberty Island Ecological Reserve. The new regulations were adopted in earlier this year by the the Californi..

Wild Boar Invades Supreme Court

10/14/2014 15:27:31 PM

Boar in the News October 2014 Pakistani Supreme Court invaded. A wild boar breached the security corridor of the Supreme Court in Islamabad, Pakistan, on October 15, 2014 according to a report in the Dunya News. The animal successfully evaded security guards posted to protect the Supreme Court. ..

Marijuana Cultivation Sites Clean-Up Efforts

10/14/2014 12:25:24 PM

Section 6 Federal funds help to clean up pollution on illegal marijuana growing sites. Protecting federally endangered Coho salmon, northern spotted owl and Pacific fisher. Task forces form CDFW, the California Air National Guard Counterdrug Task Force and the Trinity County Sheriff's Office rai..

In order to make your hiking trip easier, simply pick better hiking boots

06/29/2014 15:33:15 PM

If you enjoy hiking or you often go do it as a simple recreational activity with your friends and family, thats great. Hiking is one of the most widespread and well organized activities in terms of trail marking and the producing of proper equipment. Hiking gear is something you would have to take c..

London in the Spring

05/14/2014 09:32:49 AM

   When spring arrives it may give you the incentive to visit London and take in a selection of the wonderful concerts offered at different venues. This article will help guide you through the range of concerts available so you can make an informed choice before you make your final dec..

Holidays after Easter

05/09/2014 11:11:07 AM

   As soon as Easter is over we find ourselves preparing for the next holiday which is half term in late May, followed by the summer holidays in July. This article will help you make plans and save money at the same time:   It’s a very good idea to visit attractions that are..

DayOneGear.Com Launches Complete Online Store for Discount Emergency Gear and Launches New Blog Site DayOneGear.com/blog

01/15/2014 14:50:44 PM

Popular website dayonegear.com, a provider of quality emergency and survival related products have recently launched their brand new online store including a new blog site dayonegear.com/blog The new blog site includes informative articles from popular blog sites and contributors providing product r..

Instant Expert: What’s Running Gait?

12/12/2013 12:41:57 PM

In recent years runners new and old have become accustomed with the term ‘running gait’. And with good reason; not only does your gait determine the style in which you run but it can also have a massive impact on your risk of injury and what footwear choices you should be making. Put sim..

The Crib Goch Challenge

12/09/2013 12:57:14 PM

It may only be Britain's second tallest mountain but Snowdon is undoubtedly the most popular. In high season around 1,500 hikers navigate the ascent to the top and a further thousand visitors let the popular Snowdon Mountain railway take the strain to the summit. Snowdon has been a hikers paradise f..

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