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How To Become A Great Wrestler In High School

11/16/2014 13:30:18 PM

Steve Austin, rocketeer, a man scarcely active. Mens, we could restore him, we have the innovation. We have the capacity to make the globe's first Bionic guy. Steve Austin will certainly be that man. A lot better compared to he was previously. Much better. Stronger. Faster. - from the opening sequen..

A Reflex to Damage

09/19/2014 21:58:01 PM

Sports and all the training and repeated drills aimed at honing an individual's skills all depend on one thing, a reflex. No, this isn't the reflex you expect to see in a physician's office where they tap your knee or elbow with a rubber hammer. These reflexes are more dependent on your immediate, i..

Michelle Wie

07/17/2014 04:07:38 AM

Michelle Wie (Korean: 위성미) born October 11, 1989 in Honolulu, is an American golfer. Born to parents of Korean descent, she began golfing at the age of 4 and won his first tournament against adults from the age of 11 years. Impressed by Tiger Woods, she decided to become a professional go..

A Beginner’s Guide to Boxing

02/04/2014 08:35:16 AM

For someone who is looking to start training in the art of boxing, there are a few things you should consider if you want your training to be successful and enjoyable. The first thing you need to do is find a good boxing gym to train in. You will only really get the best boxing training if you find ..

Points to Consider While Purchasing Your Jiu Jitsu Gi

01/27/2014 00:04:46 AM

If you have planned to buy a uniform for your particular martial arts school, you need to know that purchasing fighter dress like Jiu Jitsu Gi (Gi means outfits in Japanese language) needs proper knowledge. However, it doesn’t mean that you need to prepare yourself in a different manner as pur..

Hulk Hogan vs, Abdullah the Butcher

12/17/2013 23:48:42 PM

Abdullah the Butcher was a very large maniacal wrestler who was known for his savage ways in the ring. His gimmick was to use a fork to disfigure his opponents. He also was able to absorb a great deal of punishment as can be seen by the large scars crossing his head. Abdullah was very popular in Jap..

Karate History

10/23/2013 12:17:29 PM

I am sure that at least a few of my readers are familiar with the history of karate and its development. I just thought I would share a bit of information for those less familiar. The change in the kanji for karate was philosophical in nature – “kara” meaning “void” ..

Instant Expert: Winter running

10/18/2013 11:24:53 AM

As winter fast approaches there's no need to retreat indoors to escape the cold. But this is the time to start thinking about how you'll stay warm and comfortable on your runs. With a little forethought and preparation running outdoors can still be great fun. Comfortable, successful winter running i..

Commonly Required - Camping Equipment

08/30/2013 08:44:53 AM

Although there are several different ways that one can enjoy camping as a recreational activity the most well known way is the traditional way where one or more people go out to a campsite and rough it for one or more nights living off the bare necessities. While the different forms of camping all d..

Dirty Boxing; Mikiri Applications in Karate

04/03/2013 10:56:09 AM

In martial arts, timing, misdirection, feints and so forth are indeed very important. Below is a video that details dirty boxing. The check hook that is mentioned in the below video has been successfully used by many boxers, such as Floyd Mayweather Jr. The video demonstrates how to set up for i..

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