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Ok to Skip School?

Posted on 04/05/2012 10:23:08 AM

Despite having skipped school in my day I am not a fan ofstudents skipping school. However, there is one day when I would be OK withstudents missing school: no, that day is not “Senior Skip Day”, that day I’mreferring to is baseball’s opening day. It would be great if MLB’s ...

2011 World Series

Posted on 04/03/2012 10:05:40 PM

  The 2011 World Series provided some great memories for both the St. Louis Cardinals and even the Texas Rangers. Unfortunately, the series was affected by two things: a stupid decision by Bud Selig and a costly mistake by Ron Washington.       I support Bud Selig and MLB in adding ...

Pen Pals: Fantasy Baseball Sleeper Relief Pitchers 2012

Posted on 02/29/2012 08:48:34 PM

There is a popular notion among fantasy baseball owners which states, “Don’t Pay for Saves”. In other words, it can be a little risky using early round draft picks on selecting closers. The position is notably volatile and closers often come and go throughout any given season. If you ...

Tossing & Turning: Fantasy Baseball Starting Pitcher Sleepers for 2012

Posted on 02/29/2012 08:46:53 PM

Drafting starting pitchers in fantasy baseball can be quite a minefield. After the top 5 pitchers are off the board, there are many question marks at this volatile and unpredictable position. However, having a roster which contains several solid contributors is critical to fantasy baseball success. With ...

Short Nap: Fantasy Baseball Sleeper Shortstops for 2012

Posted on 02/29/2012 08:45:09 PM

Although there are several decent options at the top of the list of fantasy shortstops for 2012, if you find yourself fishing for a player to fill this middle infield position in your draft or auction, you’ll want to have several options available. There are several sleeper candidates for shortstop ...

The Lukewarm Corner: Fantasy Baseball Sleeper Third Basemen 2012

Posted on 02/29/2012 08:43:28 PM

One look at the field of fantasy third basemen for 2012 and you will see there are a few elite players at the top before things start to get pretty thin, talent-wise. Grabbing one of these top flight picks early is not the only strategy, however. Don’t fret if you don’t walk away with Jose ...

Keystone Keepers: Fantasy Baseball Sleeper Second Basemen in 2012

Posted on 02/29/2012 08:41:39 PM

Second base is an interesting position for fantasy baseball owners to be sure. There are very few elite players at the position (Robinson Cano and Dustin Pedroia), so it is often a position that is left until the later rounds to be filled on most fantasy squads. As a result, finding a fantasy sleeper ...

First Mates: Fantasy Baseball Sleeper First Basemen in 2012

Posted on 02/29/2012 08:35:02 PM

Many fantasy baseball owners will scoop up first basemen early in their draft and with good reason. First base is a position which traditionally will provide you with a big bat in your line up and is often a premier source of power, average, run production or all three. As a result, many owners will ...

Catching Some Zs: Fantasy Baseball Sleeper Catchers in 2012

Posted on 01/02/2012 09:01:09 PM

The position of catcher is often a tricky one for fantasy baseball owners. Often, the position is left until the later rounds in the fantasy draft and owners hope to simply pick up a catcher who will not hurt their fantasy roster too badly. One thing that can easily make or break your team is picking ...

Open and Closed Case: Top Ten Fantasy Baseball Relief Pitchers for the 2012 Season

Posted on 12/13/2011 07:30:56 PM

In fantasy baseball, relief pitchers are a unique breed. They represent the only roster position which is solely responsible for an entire statistical category (Saves). If you do not have an effective closer or two, you run the risk of losing an entire category. For head-to-head leagues in particular ...

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