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Oakland A's Are Hot But The Road Is About To Get Tough

09/04/2012 10:10:24 AM

The Oakland  A's have to be admired for what they have put together this season. But if they are going to catch the Texas Rangers in the Al West, or get a Wildcard Playoff spot, it will have to be done mostly on the road. Coco Crisp of the Oakland Athletics (Image ..

Red Sox Trade: Dodgers Take Advantage of a Disappointing Season in Boston

08/24/2012 17:52:22 PM

The Red Sox are about to make a blockbuster trade to the LA Dodgers that will punctuate a disappointing season. The Red Sox put the majority of their team on waivers and the Dodgers swooped in and took advantage of what is turning into a fire sale for the Red Sox. The Red Sox are sending Adrian ..

Washington Nationals: A Renewed Faith in DC...

08/21/2012 15:21:34 PM

Washington Nationals: A Renewed Faith in DC... If you had asked me three weeks ago, what is the biggest sports story in Washington DC? My answer would have likely revolved around the Redskins and RGIII. Ask today? It’s the Washington Nationals. Storylines are a plenty in the District, the AC..

MLB Trade Deadline Winners and Losers

07/31/2012 15:45:28 PM

The MLB trade deadline has passed and the winners and losers of this year are quite obvious. There are several teams that made some significant trades that increased their odds of winning the World Series, while others are clearly the losers of this year’s trade market. Here is a look at th..

World Series Odds 2012: Are the New York Yankees Still Favorites To Win It All?

07/25/2012 18:25:25 PM

The New York Yankees are one of the best teams in baseball this season. They are nearly 20 games over .500 at the end of July, have a seven game lead over the second-place Baltimore Orioles and are buyers at the trading deadline. The American league is loaded with talented teams in Texas, Los An..

Betting Baseball: How to Make Money Betting on Baseball

07/08/2012 19:27:22 PM

These are the dogs days of summer--the NBA is over and the NFL and college football season are still far away, but for sports betting fans, there is still money to be made. That money is ready to be made betting baseball. Betting on baseball can be very profitable and is one of the more unique s..

Josh Hamilton

05/13/2012 18:44:21 PM

When it comes to the Texas Rangers and Josh Hamilton I have heard both sides of what the rangers should do with Hamilton; some people tell me that the Rangers should trade Hamilton and get the best pitchers available and others tell me that the Rangers should sign Josh to a long term contract. You c..

Texas Dynasty?

04/11/2012 14:08:06 PM

There is no question that this Texas Rangers team is one for the rest of baseball to reckon with. Back to back American League champions will do that for a team; the only question remaining is can the Rangers win the World Series? After losing 4-1 in the 2010 World Series to the San Francisco Giants..

How do you know when your luck is here

04/05/2012 18:04:09 PM

I have never really been the kind of person to bet on sports, maybe I just don’t consider myself as lucky enough to win anything. I have played the lottery a few times, however I don’t really consider that as betting in the true sense of the word. When it comes to betting on sportin..

Ok to Skip School?

04/05/2012 10:23:08 AM

Despite having skipped school in my day I am not a fan ofstudents skipping school. However, there is one day when I would be OK withstudents missing school: no, that day is not “Senior Skip Day”, that day I’mreferring to is baseball’s opening day. It would be great if MLB&r..

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