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Recognizing a Concussion

05/26/2012 18:14:07 PM

While playing at recess last year, my then 8 year old fell and hit the back of his head on the playground. He went to the nurse, she didn't think he was hurt badly enough to be sent home but she did call to let me know what happened. When I picked him up after school he said his head hurt and he did..

Costly Decisions

05/02/2012 16:13:05 PM

Will Mark Cuban’s decision to not bring back the 2011 championship team be as costly as Jerry Jones letting Jimmy Johnson go after they won their second straight Super Bowl? I believe it was a mistake for Mark Cuban to not bring back Tyson Chandler and J.J. Barea, but I don’t think it is..

Don't Flop, Just Play

05/02/2012 16:10:45 PM

There are different things that we can do without in sports: such as racism and cheap shots, and there is one more thing I really wish we could do away with and that is flopping. As sports fans we mostly see flopping in soccer and basketball, but it has its moments in other sports as well. I believe..

Limited Opportunities

05/02/2012 16:09:54 PM

One good thing about high school and college athletics is that athletes have options. They can choose to apply for certain schools or they can be recruited and choose one of those schools. Unlike professional sports where most athletes go to teams that draft them or trade for them. The rules that th..

No Love For Peace

05/02/2012 16:08:29 PM

I don’t know how many technical fouls and more importantly how many unnecessary actions Metta World Peace, formerly known as Ron Artest, is responsible for but I am not sure what this guy is still doing playing in the NBA or any other league. Maybe the league figures the uncertainty of what Me..

Teams Win, Money Doesn't

05/02/2012 16:07:28 PM

I don’t know when teams will realize it, but spending a lot of money of players doesn’t win championships. For many years the common fan believes the New York Yankees win because they spend the most money. Those fans don’t bother to think that just maybe those teams were built with..

Franck Ribery fined €50,000

04/26/2012 00:11:21 AM

Franck Ribery has allegedly been fined €50,000 for punching Bayern munich team-mate Robben in the dressing room during half-time in the 2-1 win over Real madrid on Tuesday . The France international is believed to have lashed out at his attacking colleague since he was not b..

Why DiscoveryLand Camp Leadership in Action?

04/10/2012 15:22:55 PM

Most residential summer camps in Canada offer similar programs like kayaking, rock climbing, dance and crafts. Some camps are now offering Leadership course as it is becoming more and more popular. Parents want their children to return from summer camp with a new found confidence, stronger self ..

Just Shhh

04/05/2012 10:24:05 AM

We live in a great country where people are allowed to voicetheir opinion. With the internet and social media it is easier now more thanever for people to voice their opinion. I have no problem with people speakingtheir mind, but I can’t say I’m a fan of athletes talking about playing f..

Blues set up Barca blockbuster

04/05/2012 03:15:47 AM

Chelsea had referee Damir Skomina and goalkeeper Petr Cech to thank as they beat 10-man Benfica to set up a Champions League semi-final against Barcelona. Card-crazy Skomina, whose performance in Arsenal's last-16 exit against AC Milan led to a three-match ban for Arsene Wenger, was at it again at S..

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