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Golf Handicap and How to Determine It

09/26/2012 22:38:18 PM

What is your handicap? This is the most common question I have heard during my golf vacations in Arizona. I guess in golf courses, asking about handicaps is as normal as saying Hi. For beginners, handicaps is not yet an issue, just focus on learning the game. But if you are starting to get serious w..

Segway tours

09/16/2012 04:25:50 AM

Segway tours fun on two wheels, this experience lasts about 1 hour. A professional guide will accompany you throughout the process, the availability is on demand throughout the year subject to availability of resources. The general conditions of participation are as follows: the minimum age of 12 ye..

Types of Golf Competition

09/12/2012 23:22:14 PM

Golf competitions is a fun activity for business and social events. It can also be used as a fundraiser for charity. You can even add excitement to your Arizona golf vacations by competing with your friends. Ultimately, a golf competition is held to find out who best in the sport is especially in th..

Cecon Advance MultiSport 101 camp (Running)

09/06/2012 22:56:27 PM

Unleash the top-rank runner in you. MultiSport 101 camp is on its 6th and final leg of the year. Join the Cecon Advance MultiSport 101 camp Running Clinic with Coach Jojo Macalintal on Sept 15, 2012 at Bonifacio High Street Activity center. Learn tips and essential drills on running. Are you fast en..

Meet the World's Top Female Golfers

09/05/2012 22:15:00 PM

For many years, golf has been generally viewed as a man's game, but women had actually been playing the sport for ages. However, the available golf clubs where women can play were very limited. Unlike today, where golf resorts in Arizona even have spa and golf vacation packages to encourage more wo..

Diatribe: “Headlines from the 1960s for $500, Alex.” – Women Invited To Augusta Is, Sadly, Big News.

08/21/2012 08:43:36 AM

I  don’t golf.  More accurately, despite countless attempts, I can’t golf.  For me, the game is entirely too frustrating and offers very little reward.  One of my grandfathers was an enthusiast and many family  members enjoy the sport quite often.  They have..

Haters Gonna Hate

08/20/2012 14:48:16 PM

HATERS GONNA HATE  Urban dictionary defines hater as: a person that simply cannot be happy for another person’s success. So rather than be happy they make a point of exposing a flaw in that person. Hating, the result of being a hater, is not exactly jealousy. The hater doesn’t reall..

Diatribe: Is Diana Nyad Crazy Or Determined?

08/19/2012 09:05:41 AM

I’m not much of a swimmer.  I never took lessons but I had lots of opportunities as a child, on family vacations and such, to learn the basics.  My mother didn’t swim and it was important to her that my siblings and I be able to, at least, tread water if the need ever arose.&nb..

How Clothes can Affect Your Golf Performance

08/16/2012 02:33:35 AM

    There are many factors that can affect your golf game such as your preparation, equipment, concentration, and knowledge of the golf course. But one factor that is often overlooked is the clothes you wear when you play. As a gentleman's sport, golf follows a strict dress code. Even if y..

Match Point In Black Halo

08/13/2012 08:22:17 AM

Hello Darlings, Yesterday, I had the pleasure of joining Emirates Airline in their hospitality suite to watch one of the world's best tennis players —  Novak Djokovic  —  play at Rogers Cup. Despite it being a rainy day, I was treated to an exciting match b..

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