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Things to consider when buying scuba fins

03/26/2014 00:22:32 AM

A pair of perfect and proper scuba fins can save you energy, air and unwanted hassle. They can sense like natural appendages efficiently propelling you forward. When it comes to choosing a pair of fins for scuba, you have to consider the following things;   Fit Perfect fit is what make you dive..

Why a high altitude Olympics will never happen again

12/30/2013 15:00:25 PM

It was 1968, the year of the XIX Olympiad. The host country, Mexico had pulled off a coup. For the first time ever the International Olympic Committee (IOC) had granted a Latin American country the opportunity to host the Olympics Games. But in its choice of Mexico City as the host city, the IOC's e..

Livescore partite di calcio di tutto il mondo

11/28/2013 03:39:45 AM

Da pochi giorni è attivo un nuovo sito web chiamato che vi offre gratuitamente tutti i risultati in tempo reale di oltre 500 campionati di calcio e basket di tutto il mondo. L'accesso e l'utilizzo del sito è completamente gratuito e non ric..

Ovation: Figure Skater Patrick Chan Wins Trophee Bompard For Fourth Time.

11/17/2013 10:36:48 AM

For many years I was an avid figure skating fan.  I would watch the competitions on television every chance that I got.  I would count the days until the Campbell’s Soup Champions On Ice tour came to town.  I even subscribed to International Figure Skaters magazine.&nb..

Harlech Castle and beach - running, walking and hiking route

10/22/2013 16:27:01 PM

Lying on Tremadog Bay, the small town of Harlech is a highlight along the Cambrian Coast. With it's imposing castle, views across the stunning Morfa sand dunes and the Rhinogydd Mountains as a backdrop, Harlech is without doubt a beautiful spot for a leisurely visit. Located within Snowdonia Nationa..

Are anti-gravity treadmills the future of injury rehabilitation?

10/16/2013 04:38:10 AM

Aqua-jogging is commonly used in injury rehabilitation for elite runners. But could new anti-gravity treadmills not only be better for injury recovery, but also improve speed, form and endurance in otherwise healthy athletes? Elite athletes need to remain injury free in order to compete at their bes..

Ovation: Has McKalya Maroney Impressed You Yet?

10/06/2013 11:33:25 AM

McKayla Rose Maroney is the American gymnast who won gold medals in the team and vault competitions at the 2011 World Championships before rising to international fame as a member of the gold medal-winning U.S. women’s gymnastics team at the 2012 Summer Olympics where she won the individual si..

Showdown, a fun and challenging sport

09/14/2013 06:19:13 AM

Showdown is a sport originally designed for the blind and visually impaired, which could be described as the blind communities answer to air hockey, or table tennis.   The sport is inexpensive to start up, requires minimal maintenance, and can be played in a room the size of a classroom. The on..

Stocking Up of - Golf Equipment - Is the Ideal Way to Start

08/30/2013 08:59:14 AM

There might be a variety of reasons for an individual to take up golf as a sport. While some might view it as a means of relaxation, others might associate it with class and still others might treat it as an opportunity to pick up threads from the past. Irrespective of the reasons, an imperative req..

Four Reasons Your Child Should Attend A Sports Clinic For Kids

07/09/2013 08:58:55 AM

Holidays can be such fun times for kids. Being able to spend time with the family, no homework, no commitments other than just being a kid and having fun. This can also be a dangerous time for them, as well, however. Being left to their own devices, especially in the city, can lead to them becoming ..

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