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Rio Steal

Posted on 08/08/2012 07:55:06 AM

The latest entry from my DIY blog, Chic Cheat ( with a tutorial on how to copy the circle patterned denim shorts worn by Gisele Bundchen in Vogue Brazil. Find out how to get the look and what the photoshoot turning up the heat across the fashion blogosphere has in common with crocheting, ...

Ankle of arrival

Posted on 07/29/2012 11:37:28 AM

Give extravagance the boot with my easy, intuitive tutorial, inspired by the on-trend, vintage -style Susanna studded ankle boots, by Chloé. All you need are some gold beads, black ankle boots, buckled straps, gold clay and all purpose adhesive to get the look for a miniscule fraction  of ...

Jual Jam Dinding Ayat Kursi

Posted on 07/20/2012 06:58:22 PM

Jam dinding Ayat Kursi  ini dibuat dari kayu jati pilihan yang terbaik dengan berhiaskan ornamen kaligrafi Ayat Kursi, detail ukiran yang sangat rumit serta unik yang tercipta dari tangan ahli para perajin ukir jepara. Finishing yang indah senantiasa membuat penampilan dinding rumah anda menjadi ...

DIY Fest: Sweet sugar Kane

Posted on 07/03/2012 04:48:20 PM

To find out how I saved more than £2000 replicating THE denim shorts of the season otherwise known as Christopher Kane's floral embroidered crystal shorts for J brand.They have been worn by a host of other celebrities, including Rita Ora and Amanda Seyfried, and also most famously (and recently ...

Easter Egg Craft

Posted on 02/20/2012 05:41:05 PM

A wounder and simple Easter Egg craft idea that can be done is less them 10 minutes. Supplies: 1 Goose Egg Acrylic Paint Paint Brushes Scissors Craft Glue Craft Double-Sided Tape Scrap Booking style craft GEMS Ribbon Stickers Directions: Take the goose egg and paint it in one color. Help the ...

Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

Posted on 02/20/2012 05:40:14 PM

This is a great craft idea for the holidays.  It keeps the kids busy while your getting the turkey ready and allows the kids to feel apart of the day. Supplies: 1 Egg Carton Construction Paper Cotton Balls Pencil Scissors Glue Plastic Google Eyes, size small Markers Directions: Take the ...

Free Thanksgiving Printable Game

Posted on 11/21/2011 10:07:09 AM

When it comes to crafts I notice a lot of people enjoy printables. For banners, decor, coloring pages. I never see too many for printable games or word games. So I decided to create this one to share with you to make your Thanksgiving more festive and fun. I created a four page printable game I call ...

How to Optimize Handmade Jewelry Website for Google

Posted on 10/25/2011 02:55:39 AM

The main reason of creating a Handmade Jewelry website is to make sales from your website. To be able to do do that you have to make your handmade jewelry website popular amongst the users. A successful marketing strategy which will have long term benefits is the way to popularize a website. The handmade ...

Best Ways of Selling Animal Jewelry and Horse Jewelry

Posted on 09/27/2011 02:33:40 AM

Jewelry artisans taking the next step of making a hobby into a business is an exciting adventure. However, there might still be some people who could be quite hesitating taking their beautiful Animal Jewelry and making it into a successful business. They might be thinking of the uncertainties that may ...


Posted on 09/05/2011 11:09:28 PM

I’m planning to spend my Christmas Holidays in Paris this year,  and these days I have had Paris in my mind more than usuall . Why? I do not know. I always loved Paris, and even if it’s the fourth time I am going to spend my holidays there , each time I am waiting to go as if it’s ...

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