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Hot Beauty Recipes With Coffee

Posted on 04/26/2015 08:23:54 AM

Coffee, favorite drink of many people, is rich in antioxidants and cleanses your skin of toxins. It is an excellent choice for face masks and  homemade scrubs. It stimulates circulation, reduces swelling and makes your skin firm.    Coffee has a strong antioxidant effect. It helps i..

Coffee as a wonder body scrub!

Posted on 04/21/2015 01:21:07 AM

Coffee as a wonder body scrub! How many of you do actually know that used ground coffee bits can be used as body scrub??? I bet few people know it, but if you have not heard about it please keep reading. As everyone knows main ingredient of coffee is caffeine. Caffeine is natural and active ingredie..

How to Apply a Sunless Lotion for Tanning

Posted on 02/24/2015 12:38:20 PM

The dihydroxyacetone (DHA) compound, which is Food and Drug Administration approved, adds pigment to the skin and is contained in self-tanning lotions. These types of products are available in the form of creams, lotions, foams, gels, oils and sprays. Self-tanners are being produced by a number of c..

Super dark tan – tips for getting it

Posted on 02/03/2015 09:04:33 AM

Sea Water Tanning If you want to improve your skin color, regularly go swimming, because the way to and back from the ocean will give your skin the needed relaxation and adjustment. Moreover – the sea salt is superb, because it attracts the sun rays directly on your skin. So, in case you were ..

How to get beautiful, glowing skin

Posted on 01/27/2015 11:35:45 AM

Patricia Asmar is an esthetician - a FABULOUS one. I found her a year ago after meeting a number of women, who shared the same striking feature -- beautiful, glowing skin. It turns out their secret was Patricia and her belief in Eminence Organic Skincare. I made an appointment—i..

You must know these 5 things if you sit in front of computer for long hours

Posted on 09/13/2014 11:39:02 PM

Sitting in front of computer in wrong posture for long hours can have bad effects on your health. Sometimes, long sitting hours and continuous computer staring can cause severe medical problems such as back pain, wrist pain, eye sight weakness, etc. If your job demands endless sitting in front of co..

Health and Beauty Benefits of Coconut oil [infographic]

Posted on 08/12/2014 03:47:54 AM

Coconut palms are grown in over 80 countries with Indonesia being the largest producer.   All parts of a coconut palm can be used:   •The trunk for canoes and furniture •The palm leaves for baskets •The meat/flesh for food •The root for dye •The water from young co..

Tres Belle Spa: Brooklyn To The Beach, Top 5 Products

Posted on 05/08/2014 08:33:18 PM

Just because I own a spa people assumed I'd take a ton of skincare products all the way from Brooklyn to the beach. They're right. I'm not the gal in a sweat trying to cram an extra pair of shoes into the luggage. I'm the one agonizing over which serum to shlep. I recently traveled to San Juan and w..

Tres Belle Spa: 3 Reasons Your Blackheads Won't Go Away

Posted on 05/08/2014 08:27:55 PM

This post has nothing at all to do with skincare and yet, EVERYTHING to do with blackheads. I might not know EVERYTHING but, I know blackheads. As a spa owner for over a decade, I have my fair share of facials and deep cleanings and sometimes, I even pick. That's right. I always tell you not to pick..

Tres Belle Spa: My Struggle With Melasma By Brooke Burke

Posted on 05/08/2014 08:24:36 PM

My Struggle with Melasma By Brooke Burke "I have been struggling with melasma, also known as “the mask of pregnancy.” Plain and simple, melasma is those ugly annoying brown spots that appear during our reproductive years. Some women get it from the pill, hormones, and most of al..

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