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The Importance of Well Shaped Eyebrows

Posted on 12/24/2011 02:23:10 PM

The thought of getting my eyebrows shaped by a piece of string sounds horrible its not as bad if you are using that method instead of waxing. I'm very old fashion so waxing and plucking here and there is just fine for southern girl like me. The importance of well shaped eyebrows can make a pers..

Beauty Alert: Testing Makeup Are Dangerous

Posted on 12/24/2011 02:16:07 PM

According to a new article in the LA Times, you can just forget about testing makeup at a department store or your local Sephora. Why? Well, its like sharing makeup with thousands of people you know nothing about."If a woman has a cut on her lip and borrows lipstick from someone who has a cold sore,..

How to apply minx nails

Posted on 12/24/2011 02:06:18 PM

Fashionistas are you ready to rock the latest in minx nail coverings which gives off a metallic shine that you cannot get from a regular nail polish. Well, many of your favorite celebrities have embrace this new form of nail art, which don't involve no chemicals. Minx nail coverings p..

CVS Beauty Clearance

Posted on 12/24/2011 02:04:40 PM

Hola, Fashionistas!       This picture is my haul from CVS Beauty Clearance sale which is going on now. At my local CVS's  they are still in the process of getting everything labeled so, I just took my items to scanner. Everything, I brought was 75% off ..

make up for

Posted on 12/22/2011 03:28:41 AM

While there are rigid rules when it comes to foundations, it is with your eye color that you can allow your creative side to take flight. Your eyes are the focal point of your face. Be sure that your eye makeup techniques and choice of colors are most flattering to your eye shape and color. Wi..

Makeup for Oily Skin - Best Powder, Mineral Foundation & Eye Makeup for People with Oily Skin

Posted on 12/06/2011 02:53:29 PM

Finding makeup for oily skin can be a huge challenge. Most products are designed for dry or combination skin, and do not function well for those who have to deal with an excessively oily skin type. The result is streaky makeup that fades fast. Some of the best products for oily skin are manufactured..

A Whipped Body Butter That Brings The Ahhhh Factor…

Posted on 12/05/2011 10:46:09 AM

{by} Sasha | Crows' Feet, Cupcakes, and Cellulite I love stumbling upon a beauty goodie that makes you say ahhhhh. And let’s face it…in an overly saturated sea of beauty goods, it’s no easy task finding those just-as-good-as-the-spa products. Well, here’s one that falls..

NYX Butt Naked Makeup Palette. You Had Me At Naked…

Posted on 12/05/2011 10:43:59 AM

{by} Sasha | Crows' Feet, Cupcakes, and Cellulite Ok, anything with “naked” in the product name automatically catches my beauty attention (I’m not sure what that says about me…). When I came across NYX’s Butt Naked Makeup Palette, I immediately had visions of ###,..

A Pillow That Prevents Wrinkles? Bring On The ZZZs…

Posted on 12/05/2011 10:39:58 AM

{by} Sasha | Crows' Feet, Cupcakes, and Cellulite The other day I was visiting my favorite beauty spa for an overdue facial and I spotted an anti-wrinkle pillow. My first thought: wow, they’ve truly thought of everything regarding all things beauty. Followed by: a wrinkle-fighting pi..

Sigma Beauty Coupon Code

Posted on 11/28/2011 11:44:00 AM

Find Sigma Beauty Coupon Codes at Handmade Reviews. The Sigma Makeup brand is synonymous with quality and functionality. The products are handmade and were developed to satisfy the highest quality standards. Sigma is a beauty brand offering a complete line of professional makeup ..

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