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Beautiful Rings for girls 2011

05/31/2011 11:11:54 AM

The ring is an accessory that will make you look more beautiful and charming. In today’s post I show some collection of unique and beautiful ring, all ring that I view today’s floral rose, because the flower symbolizes the beauty in my opinion. Among women, fashion and relationship, a..

Unique Gifts for Women

01/22/2011 11:50:43 AM

Women love gifts that make them look beautiful. They love Tunics, Scarves, Jewelry, Bags, Makesup and Shoes. All these gifts add value to their appearance, make them look trendy and fashionable and if these gifts are available at an affordable sale price then that is a huge bonus. The dolman style ..

Results From Chocolate Tasting Party Number Five

12/19/2010 00:02:55 AM

Once again, thanks to all the participants!  That was an awesome chocolate party!  Cool that we even had time forbocce ball.  You know that's a game for real men!!  A special thanks to my parents.  We'll see each other next year.  Have a safe trip back.  Once ..

Choosing a baby stroller

11/28/2010 08:05:43 AM

Shopping for your first child can be really exciting, but it can also become quite daunting at times. Every decision feels like a matter of life death - what is the best brand? what is the safest? should I always just buy the most expensive product just to make sure? But by far, the mo..

Customer Service Issues at Sears

11/18/2010 21:08:57 PM

About a week ago I ordered two Christmas presents, one for my husband and one for my mom, at  The first item arrived today which was Jason's present.  When I opened the bag (yes...bag), I discovered that they sent me the wrong item.  It's the right brand of wallet..


07/25/2010 04:59:25 AM

As the story goes, I made my first solo credit purchase at the age of three. Okay, the reality is I purchased a Popsicle on Fire Island using my parent’s house account at the local grocery store, but you get the picture - when it comes to shopping, I pay attention. With a fashion designer..

Top 100 Products

07/22/2010 01:32:22 AM

Hello, we are part of the Top Quality Product Networks We, Top 100 Products are providing our customers with daily updated lists with best deals over the web.

Desk Accessories, Office Leather Desk Products

07/21/2010 11:18:14 AM

Admit it: sometimes it seems your desk is less of a workplace than it is a collection zone for all things paper. If you've been remiss in replying to emails or your finances are way off-balance just because you can't find the keyboard or the checkbook, it's time to tidy up the desk with some sharp n..

Walk Into Walk in Clinic of NYC for Prompt Medical Attention

07/21/2010 08:21:19 AM

When down with a sore throat, in the past you would have chosen to visit the emergency room at the local hospital rather than waiting for a week to see your regular doctor. But long hours of wait in a noisy and crowded emergency room would have made you realise the futility of your action. Heft..

Plus Size Furniture for Extra Large Comfort

07/08/2010 00:04:52 AM

Finding the right furniture for plus size people is a challenge. From weight capacity to design and functionality, the plus size furniture selection that accommodates this market is not well publicised. Think about how many times you guessed how well the furniture is made before sitting ..

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